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A jam submission

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Non-chronological Action Platformer
Submitted by Dast_ — 3 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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Well played dude !


Cheers mate!


you deserve it


Visually very nice, with some brilliant voice acting!  Good luck!


cheers mate glad you enjoyed!


Nice game, i put 5 stars everywhere exept gameplay (i put 4, (because i dont like 2D games)

Good job!

(8 edits) (+1)

Overall this submission excels highly in nearly all categories. It is obvious that a lot of work went into it as visually it is impressive and the amount of content actually had me feeling like i was playing a released game at one point. The story/sound/cinematics were all good. The only improvement i can suggest is the gameplay that I felt was lacking (only jump and shoot), but the level design/AI made up for this somewhat and i loved the comedic aspects of it.

Final remarks: I believe you deserve to win due to the visual artstyle/aesthetics and amount of content. Goodluck!


Hi IndieCrusader,

Thank you so much for your feedback we really appreciate how much you enjoyed our game!

I'm afraid we ran out of time a bit and weren't able to polish out the bugs or flesh out the game play, rest assured we will take your feedback to heart and work harder in the future.

Thanks again for your lovely feedback :)


The storyline was great, really followed the time related theme. The art style was simple yet clean however the bit that got me the most was the sheer amount of content and story for the player to go through. It was a bit hard to keep track of where you where going while being teleported around space time although it was definitely keeping me on my toes.

On a couple of occasions my character fell backwards but other than that this was a great entry to the game jam!


Hi, thanks very much for the feedback!

The character falling over is definitely something we noticed but didn't have time to fix, though we thought it was pretty funny so left it in there haha

Thanks again and thanks for hosting :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I love this, it was charming and a lot of fun to follow the narrator and just see what comes next xD. The narrator is good and I enjoyed listening to his lines, the artstyle is simple, but well executed, animations are floaty, the storyline is confusing (in a good way I think) and the tumbling character hilarious. All in all, well done - I really enjoyed my short time playing it :)


Hi thanks very much for the feedback, we really appreciate it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the parts of the game that are essentially bugged haha with enough time we'd go back and fix those issues and also make more levels so there's more to the narrative.

Thanks a lot for playing!


Hi, i tested your game and yeah its a bit confusing, the art style is nice and the voice acting is weird and funny but there are a few bugs with the jumping on the cones they can stuck you and you cant jump and at the first wave of enemy's you can go out of the building and under the ground... but GJ


Hi thanks very much for the feedback, I think our ambitions were a little higher than our means this time around so we couldn't deal with all the bugs unfortunately, we did our best to (at least) keep it playable even if it is a bit buggy.


The story was confusing and hilarious, but I liked the sarcastic topsy-turyey feel. . I also liked the voice acting - a nice touch. The colors melded well and the feel of the game was pretty good. I liked the HUD and if you continue the game it looks like you'll have a lot of room to expand. The platform areas were good in that some were easy and some were difficult.

I also really liked the splash screen.

Some things to improve on:

  1. I think the shooting was a little off - sometimes the projectiles would be aimed down when I think the intention is to have them go straight.
  2. When the dialogue cuts in and pauses the character, if you are in mid-jump or mid-fall she will rotate and it looks hilarious. The cool thing is that it rights itself after the dialogue so not a huge issue, just looks funny.

Overall - a good concept and I enjoyed playing it. Thank you.



Hey man thanks so much for the feedback it really means a lot!

The issues you raised we were totally aware of, we just didn't have enough time to fix it...although we did like how the character tumbled over during dialogue too haha

Thanks again :)