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Game JAM?

This game jam is a month long competition, urging  you guys to develop a game in a short period of time.... a month to be exact with submissions closing on the 30th of September. Along the way you'll learn a ton, make new friends and play new games!


The theme will be announced on the 4th of September so as to make sure everyone starts at the same time, stay tuned!


Submissions will handled here, through please do make sure your entry is submitted before the end of the day on on the 30th of September. Quick tip... we advise you upload it a few hours ahead of the closing time to allow for any upload issues.


Whilst we don't have a lot in the way of big prizes, we do have some pretty cool things for the top 3 games of the #VirtusJam including:

  • Dedicated Feature Length Review/Shoutout on the channel
  • Special Game Jam Winner Discord Role
  • One-To-One Consultation with myself, mentoring you on next steps for your game or development
  • Also. My heart.

Need A Team?

We’ve partnered up with CrowdForge to help you find new team members or join existing team that could do with skills like yours. Link will be up shortly.

Need A Hand?

Stuck with a tricky gameplay mechanic or just need a helping hand? Join our growing Discord server with hundreds of members who will be happy to help and show off their own creations for the game jam.


  • All submissions must be sent in by close of day 30/09/2017
  • Submissions must be created for the game jam by yourself or your team.
  • Feel free to create your game in any game engine, whether that's Unreal, Unity or anything else!
  • Have fun!

Virtus channel:

Discord community:

Virtus signing out!



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2-D Platformer based on Time.
a bullethell with time manipulation
2D Puzzle Platformer that involves manipulating in-game physics.
Non-chronological Action Platformer
Survive against deadly robots with the ability to rewind time, however, you have the ability to slow it down to react!
Puzzle game for Virtus Game Jam.