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Thank you for playing and for the review. I will try to make the tutorial  better in the next version. 


Thank you trying it out and leaving me feedback, it is very valuable! In the next iteration I hope to have a more in-depth tutorial level - all I put in there was pauses with lots of text and those types of tutorials are never good. I spent way too much time on the first level than I should have - so a good lesson learned for me.

Also - in regards to graphics - I had made some better prototype graphics but I didn't include them because I am terrified that it would look bad since I wasn't able to get new tile graphics done so they would clash. 

Once again, thank you so much for your feedback!


I'm glad you found it enjoyable!

Graphics is definitely on the list of things to improve but it is always nice to hear it reiterated. Sometimes when making things it's hard to know what to prioritize being so close to it, and feedback like this is invaluable. 

Thank you for trying it out!


Thank you for the review, I am glad you found it interesting!

Thank you for the great idea - I will find a way to work that in.


Wait - you made that in one day? Holy smokes, nice job!

Dang that sucks that your textures got corrupted. Yeah, just getting flipped over felt bad man. :( Kinda like those life-alert commercials - "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

I like the shooting effects and some of the aesthetics. It looked really electronic and cool!

The music was cool at first but then got annoying.

What I did not like was the platforming and how there was no consequences for getting hurt. I feel like if you added a kill counter/score system and a health bar it would have been a lot better. Also, the last room before the game ends was very bright.

It ran poorly on my machine and I didn't understand - what is the gameplay here? To just move around a small square island? If this were a story based game it would be nice to have some more story other than "Run around because I cannot." 

Like, maybe if you ran a certain distance away from the house you would get additional tidbits of the story? Or maybe the point of this game can be to get as far away from the house in 60 seconds as possible? Or put items on each corner of the small island, the more you get the more "points" or story you get?

I'm sorry - I did not enjoy this. There did not seem to be a purpose. 


Simple graphics and sound - I like that. However I really did not like how difficult this was. The difficulty curve was just insane, so if that's what you were going for - nice job! You made the next rage-inducing game. Not only that, but it's way simpler than other rage inducing games!

Going to have to agree with Kinos141 though - putting in the spacebar to jump would be nice. 


This was very good - please keep working on it. The gameplay was simple yet elegant. The feel of the tutorial was very good.

Something that might improve it is an in-game menu to review what the controls are. And some of the controls seemed futile - like why would you want to turn off the next area hint or turn off the gravitational circles on the bodies?


This game ran very poorly on my computer. I would always get caught about 10 seconds in, so I had no idea how the heck I was supposed to escape. Perhaps add a bit more tutorial to it - like, how do I know where the drone is looking and how can I stay out of his line of site? So maybe for the drones add like a red area where they are looking so I know what to avoid.

 Also please improvethe game's performance - that was the real deal breaker here.


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Overall game was pretty good. The inertia was harsh, but that made sense to me. What could really use some help though was the camera, it felt like it was normal for Y positioning but then reversed for X. And it was also very sensitive - I had to put my mouse to very low sensitivity. 

I got stuck on the level where you need to jump from a narrow rail to another rail - I kept falling off. Every time I dashed it pushed me down and every time I tried to just jump I would fall. :(

I really liked getting the gem that let you have unlimited power - that was super fun. 

Nice job.


This was very cool. I liked how it ran smoothly and how the tutorial level worked.  I literally liked every aspect of this game, the aesthetics, gameplay, theme etc. 

I was pretty bad at playing the game though so I didn't get past the 5k points part.

I'm  interested in what the overall game cycle for this would be though. Like, you can dunk and you can get a ton of points but were you planning on having some sort of progression? I guess it just left me wondering what was the end-game here - like was there going to be a boss or a reward for getting really high points? 

If you were going to add to this game I would say make a decision on the progression of the game. For example, you could make it so getting high points gives you cash or something. Then the cash can be used to buy upgrades which would let you get more points so then it becomes a sort of goal to get all the upgrades. Or you could have different courts where you would have to out-dunk the current champion there to get control of the court and it would get harder as you kept going.

I would be really interested to see what you do with the game. 


I liked the game when I didn't get knocked over and murdered. Perhaps in the future you can make it so you can get up from being knocked over? Or just not get knocked over at all?

The AI were pretty good at wrecking me, so good job on that!

Other than that I don't have much else to say - it was okay. 


I really like the concept and the effort put into it. It had a Half-Life feel and that was super good.

However there were several things that just made me want to quit playing. The overall style was not good - the starting screen was seizure inducing and the whole game was pretty much different shades of red. Normally this isn't a problem but it is when everything is so saturated red, everything was vying for my attention and it was giving me a headache. The text was also hard to read with all that saturated red just everywhere. That being said the shield effect was cool - the way it affected the stuff around it was nice. 

The gameplay was good but tedious. For example double jumping and shooting was awesome, but moving was meh. The true tedious part was farming the energy to double jump and farming the energy to actually shoot the weapon. The grappling hook never worked for me - it always just shot me off the platform.

The overall game ran smoothly and I had no problems getting started. However, I noticed the E button for me didn't work on the very first level so I ended up skipping the tutorial section.

The level design could also use some work - the controls are decent but I don't know if heavy platforming should be a thing for this type of game, especially when you seem to respawn at the beginning of the level. 

I would be very interested to know how the game turns out, so please finish it!


I liked the low poly style and the sounds.  The game play was a little confusing the first three go-rounds but afterwards it made sense. Hitting the UFO was really hard, and apparently that makes you lose? I was a little confused as to whether the goal was to hit the plant or just hit satellites and then hit the planet. 

Overall it was simple and I think fit the theme well. I just wished there was more to it.

Cool - thank you for the review! I will try to do better next time in terms of aesthetics and sound. I tried not to use any assets other than the ones I created. My intentions were to create sounds and music in the last week but I never got around to it. I was too busy trying to make my terrible graphics look okay.

Thanks again for the review and for trying it out!


Thanks for playing and the feedback - it is really appreciated. 

I feel exactly the way you do - the gameplay feels alright (albeit some platform moving bugs)  but the visuals need a ton of work.  And that's even before making the audio. The good part is that I at least like trying to make art.

Once again, thank you for the feedback!


Hello! I tried your game and here is a quick review: The look, feel and sound of the game are very good. I think the game might be too punishing especially since there isn't a save spot or extra lives. What really detracted me from the game was how long it took to reload the game after losing - after about three losses the game actually crashed. Not sure what was up there - but I also had a really interesting glitch where I fell through the floor and the level restarted. Maybe I died? Not sure.

So all-in-all, a good game when it behaves. It looks, feels and sounds really good but the bugs detract significantly. 


I tried your game and I was really impressed - it was very fun! The graphics were nice and the time slowing portion was very cool. I also liked the background music and the difficultly at the higher levels.

Some things I think would improve the game would be to add a pause feature and to clean up some of the glitches. There was one where the time orb would appear and I would need to re-click to start firing again - it was inconsistent which made it a little bit more tricky. 

The best moment was when I got to level 7 (or 8), and all of a sudden I got surrounded by 8 blade spinning guys - it was hilariously scary. Great job!

I am a beginner as well! I started making games when this gamejam started, lol. I've always wanted to try my hand at creating a game and this seemed like a good opportunity. 

I'll try the game again since you've added some stuff, but honestly this was, I think, a great first attempt especially with only one month to figure out new stuff and make it mesh together. Again, good job and thank you.

I played your game for about 10 minutes and here are some quick impressions:

  1. Neon Dodger is a very accurate title - you dodge and it is very neon
  2. I liked how you forced movement from the player by dropping the tiles they are on after a set period of time
  3. I thought it was interesting how the projectiles would go forward in time and then back

Here are some things I think would improve the game:

  1. A hit meter or amount of hits left before death
  2.  Adding something to show that you were hit - like making the go-kart change to red and flash when hit.

I hope that helps and good luck!


This was unique and I really liked it. I think you have something interesting here. I particularly liked having the ability to customize the character and make him stupidly huge/small/weird looking.


The story was confusing and hilarious, but I liked the sarcastic topsy-turyey feel. . I also liked the voice acting - a nice touch. The colors melded well and the feel of the game was pretty good. I liked the HUD and if you continue the game it looks like you'll have a lot of room to expand. The platform areas were good in that some were easy and some were difficult.

I also really liked the splash screen.

Some things to improve on:

  1. I think the shooting was a little off - sometimes the projectiles would be aimed down when I think the intention is to have them go straight.
  2. When the dialogue cuts in and pauses the character, if you are in mid-jump or mid-fall she will rotate and it looks hilarious. The cool thing is that it rights itself after the dialogue so not a huge issue, just looks funny.

Overall - a good concept and I enjoyed playing it. Thank you.


Thanks for trying it out! I really appreciate it - I thought about fall damage but I couldn't get it to work reliably so I left it out this time around.