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A jam submission

Overclocked: A Tale of TimeView game page

2-D Platformer based on Time.
Submitted by Reversal — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline

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I just managed to download and play your game and i found a few downsides:

- dinosaurs cant be killed 

- and when you die the respawn doesn't seem to be working after i pressed every key on the keyboard and mouse and waited till the end of the music.. 

- and since i made it to the desert tops i cant tell much more

- and its missing a main menu maybe and some setting w/ instructions

But the rest looks really good and i can see a nice potential in the game it still needs polishing and alot of other stuff but you got a big vote from my side :D


Hey. I'm the Lead Artist for the game, I'm not in charge of programming, but from what i know, the game has been rebuilt multiple times, and Zacoriot doesn't seem to be able to fix any of these things with ease. We plan to release a full game either for free or PWYW. Since we've only had 30 days to make the game, not much is going to be done, and we hope you can stay tuned, soon the game will be polished and playable with fun mechanics and gameplay.


I really like the art style and sound, which is why I'm especially sad about the gameplay :(

I don't want to repeat everything the others have commented, so I'll just add a few things:

1. The Intro was very long, considering that it only shows text on a black screen - you could have conveyed the same information over a radio set during gameplay. 

2. As far as I see it, the very first obstacle requires a pixel perfect jump and failure results in an immediate game over, which is very odd. Usually there would be a safe area to introduce the controls before ramping up the difficulty, but you start with a hard and potentially deadly jump immediately xD

Because of this I died very often and had to exit the game with alt+F4 to restart, since the deathscreen either is permanent or VERY long. I would have loved to see the rest but this experience was too frustrating for me and I quit after the first dinosaur.

For me this scores highly in every category except gameplay, so apart from that - well done guys!


Hi Ca4zyDude thankyou for the feed back and ratings, however for the full release of the game I am sure we will have a tutorial level of some sort and as for the death screen we are adding a 'Try Again' button. Overall the game is being rebuilt with people ideas and feed back :).

Isaac @Reversal Studios

(14 edits)

Due to it's presentation i believe that this submission has one of the highest potentials to be a successful commercial game. But for this contest it is let down by a lack of content (only 1 playable level/only 2 player functions) and a number of bugs (dinosaur not die, death screen that is too long and glitches). For these reasons I have rated it highly for Aesthetics/Sound/Theme but low for Overall/Gameplay.

Final remarks: Good proof of concept and I look forward to playing the full release.


Hi IndieCrusader we are aware of the bugs/glitches and other things you mentioned but we will try and get them sorted

Also I would like to thank you for your honest opinion and rating which seems to be a fair desision

Isaac @Reversal Studios

Developer (1 edit)

Addon from Isaac's Reply

We Had to re-make the game in the last day, so we didn't have much time to add a-lot of content. a-lot of other things had to be scrapped like the main menu for the game to actually be run-able. In later builds we plan to add more content to the demo. and plan to completely publish the game in 2018. Due to my and Isaac's lack of communication, and the fact that we also have GCSE Work happening, We weren't able to figure out certain programming issues and fix or add content. Thanks for Your Feedback.

Dec @ ReversalStudios


Hey there,

We played your game and wrote a quick review: The presentation really is excellent, all the sprite work and music is fantastic and looks really clean and colourful.

The problems we had were with the bugs, enemies couldn't be hurt but could kill you quickly and the death screen would often crash...we couldn't finish because the game reset back to the beginning as we were climbing the stairs.

With the bug fixes it would be a really solid platformer.


Hey. Thanks for the quick review. I can point out one reason why it's buggy - We had to reprogram the game from scratch about 2 days before the Jam ended because of a packaging error. When I played Zacoriot's build i found that enemies couldn't be harmed too. We didn't add an ending, or at-least Zacoriot didn't have enough time to. We were planning to have a collectable at the end to collect and finish the demo.

Thanks for the feedback on the Presentation, I'm studying GCSE Art, so it helps to know that my work on the has contributed to it. Now that the Jam is over we're going to hopefully finish the whole game by early/mid 2018. ( The Music is Royalty Free, we had to scrap the entirety of the credits, eventually we'll be making our own music for the game.)

- Dec @ Reversal Studios.


Hello! I tried your game and here is a quick review: The look, feel and sound of the game are very good. I think the game might be too punishing especially since there isn't a save spot or extra lives. What really detracted me from the game was how long it took to reload the game after losing - after about three losses the game actually crashed. Not sure what was up there - but I also had a really interesting glitch where I fell through the floor and the level restarted. Maybe I died? Not sure.

So all-in-all, a good game when it behaves. It looks, feels and sounds really good but the bugs detract significantly. 

Developer (1 edit)

Awww so sorry about that we'll try to fix it

Isaac @Reversal Studios