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Errant GlimmerView game page

A game about travelling through stars. Destination unknown.
Submitted by EduardoFrancio — 4 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Overall Game#53.5503.550

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Host(+1)

Fun game well linked to the theme. I really enjoyed the 8bit feel to the intro screen and calibration part. Very 1980s! 


Thank you! Makes me happy to know that we did send the 80's vibe we planned


I loved the game, guys. I feel like this game is a lot about solitude. Enjoying being alone, and discovering things alone. The music suits perfectly with the melancholic and endless space Adam is exploring.  And I love the fact that in the end, there's only emptiness there.  I like the phrases between levels, some of them really makes you think. There's one of them that says something about the present, about making it worth, or enjoying it. That's really interesting, because you don't really get to enjoy the end of the game, since it's empty. So you have to make sure you enjoy the present, which is you drifting through the stars. 

your friend JP. 


Thank you for the nice reply JP, it means a lot to us to hear from such a good friend!


This was very good - please keep working on it. The gameplay was simple yet elegant. The feel of the tutorial was very good.

Something that might improve it is an in-game menu to review what the controls are. And some of the controls seemed futile - like why would you want to turn off the next area hint or turn off the gravitational circles on the bodies?



Thank you. The menu suggestion is a pretty good idea. 

The most honest answer I can give to you about the option to turn on and off the areas is that it just looks that good when recording GIFs to showcase it lol. The purpose of this game was to explore a different graphical look and that helps a little bit on cleaning the screen. But you are right, the hints and gravitational fields should have had less attention during the tutorial since is not gonna be useful for most users.

Thanks for the reply!


Great job at evoking the feeling of drifting through the stars! Lovely graphics aswell, i think they really help the theme come through.

Did you use a pixel filter for the "pixel effect" (for the text and the trails etc), or did is it all drawn?



We used a simple pixelation shader (Youtube has plenty tutorials and if I'm not mistaken the Unity Store has one of those as well for free) between the camera and the game itself so things do look pixelated but at the same time the amount of pixelation does not follow the camera zoom. Then making things clearer when up close.

If you zoom in you can actually notice that all the art are simple vectors.

Thanks a lot for dedicating your time to review and comment we really appreciate it!


I see!

 it looks very nice, thanks for the answer!


This game is one of the most beautiful indies I've played!!! Its tutorial is so friendly and its mechanics are so intuitive, I love it! The flow is friendly as fuck, I only wish I could play it on my smartphone... Keep updating it pleeease


Thanks for replying and reviewing Lucy <3 ! We do want to port it to mobile as a friend of ours keep asking for it.... wait a minute!