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Eduardo Francio

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Thanks for giving my game a try and commenting! Have fun


You control the green territories.

Every turn you get more troops.

You can use your troops to attack your neighbours and have a chance to get their land. 

The more land you have the more troops you get.

Your enemies behave in different manners.

I hope this helps you :)

It's my agenda

Thanks for reporting! :)

Thanks for the invitation! I won't be able to make it but I'll keep an eye on the next one :)

Thanks Taj <33

I don't do much marketing of my games I know lol

Awesome! Thanks for playing and commenting. I don't intend to update Somber soon but your feedback will be remembered in the next update :}

Yes they do. The closer to red it is the harder it gets

I love this.

If I can give some feedback would to make the ending a little more dramatic with pauses maybe. nice experience anyways

Thank you! Makes me happy to know that we did send the 80's vibe we planned

Thank you for the nice reply JP, it means a lot to us to hear from such a good friend!

Thanks for replying and reviewing Lucy <3 ! We do want to port it to mobile as a friend of ours keep asking for it.... wait a minute!

We used a simple pixelation shader (Youtube has plenty tutorials and if I'm not mistaken the Unity Store has one of those as well for free) between the camera and the game itself so things do look pixelated but at the same time the amount of pixelation does not follow the camera zoom. Then making things clearer when up close.

If you zoom in you can actually notice that all the art are simple vectors.

Thanks a lot for dedicating your time to review and comment we really appreciate it!

Thank you. The menu suggestion is a pretty good idea. 

The most honest answer I can give to you about the option to turn on and off the areas is that it just looks that good when recording GIFs to showcase it lol. The purpose of this game was to explore a different graphical look and that helps a little bit on cleaning the screen. But you are right, the hints and gravitational fields should have had less attention during the tutorial since is not gonna be useful for most users.

Thanks for the reply!

Nice! Thank you

What asset pack?