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VCGJ - Dunk HeroView game page

A platform game about dunking!
Submitted by peppelpoppel — 5 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline

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Overall Game#63.2003.200

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really liked this one, it was pretty fun and ran really smooth.


Thanks, glad you liked it!


This was very cool. I liked how it ran smoothly and how the tutorial level worked.  I literally liked every aspect of this game, the aesthetics, gameplay, theme etc. 

I was pretty bad at playing the game though so I didn't get past the 5k points part.

I'm  interested in what the overall game cycle for this would be though. Like, you can dunk and you can get a ton of points but were you planning on having some sort of progression? I guess it just left me wondering what was the end-game here - like was there going to be a boss or a reward for getting really high points? 

If you were going to add to this game I would say make a decision on the progression of the game. For example, you could make it so getting high points gives you cash or something. Then the cash can be used to buy upgrades which would let you get more points so then it becomes a sort of goal to get all the upgrades. Or you could have different courts where you would have to out-dunk the current champion there to get control of the court and it would get harder as you kept going.

I would be really interested to see what you do with the game. 



Thanks for playing!

i´m sorry you didn´t get to complete the 5000k it was my bad for putting such a high ceiling at the beginning of the game. 

There was going to be a boss but then it became a tutorial, eheh. You´re right about the progression part, i dropped the ball on that one. I had many ideas but ended up focusing so much time on the "story" that they were left behind.

The game right now is like a platformer with a basic level, so it needs more "levels" be it actual levels with obstacles(spike, teleports, trampolines) and pickups(health, score multiplier, ability reset) and  different finish conditions, OR a single level with a boss that spawns all of the above and you need to dunk from a high point in order to make it vulnerable and being able to kill him...something like that =)

Actually this was my first intention but then something happened and i got lost in dialogues =) Actually if you complete the 5000k you go to the "Playground Mode" where there are obstacles spawning randomly and you get to try different routes to the top. Again, my bad for putting it behind a big skill wall.

Thanks again for playing and writing such a detailed comment!,