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Really enjoyed this game. Great graphics and really liked the control scheme. Would have liked a little more information about win conditions and the blobs flying around but overall very replayable and great job.

I went up the first stairs and the white door appeared. I killed the AI and couldn't do anything else apart from jump off the edge

Didn't understand what I had to do. Kill one AI and then was locked in a space with no where to go. An explanation of the controls and rules would be great. Graphics were nice and the sound added to the effect of the game. Also though it was slightly too hard to kill the AI but easy enough to do with time.

A nice variation on the theme. Great sound effects and nice clean graphics. Great entry!

Fun game well linked to the theme. I really enjoyed the 8bit feel to the intro screen and calibration part. Very 1980s! 

Fun quirky game with great graphics and music. Great entry!

Fun simple game. Well linked to the theme. In my top 3 games for this jam. Very well done!

The simple one's are often the best. Very challenging game and one that I will keep on playing (unless I smash my keyboard first). Well done!

This is by far my favourite submission to the game jam - such a basic premise of a game, which matches the theme so well with awesome graphics and music. I can't stop playing it.

Really great graphics and sound. Couldn't understand what I was meant to do despite walking and jumping around for 10 mins.

graphics didn't bother me at all, found the lack of tutorial instructions unhelpful. Kept bugging out for me as well.

I'll delete the above comment then as it is inaccurate 

Was this game out before the game jam then?

Sorry that's not allowed. 

If you can  make it fit the theme go for it!