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I'm pretty sure we used Mixamo in last years Jam and it was fine, you can use your own custom meshes with the animations you don't have to use the default ones.

My team participated in last years Jam, we used a ton of sound effects from free online sources. We never had a problem.

We had original music, but that's just because we had a guy who could do it.

Cheers mate!

cheers mate glad you enjoyed!

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Hi there, we played your game and had some feedback:

This is a weird one to rate because the game itself is technically really good. The music is cool, the aesthetics are gorgeous, the game play is simple and fun...the problem is more with the theme.

I understand how it's related to the theme: as you go over different colours time is affected differently, however the whole concept of time as a mechanic seems almost like an after-thought; like Neon Dodge was a totally different game and the time aspect was added after the fact.

Not that that's a problem but it should be more apparent (a the very least through some instruction or tutorial) that time is a mechanic in the game.

As it stands, it's a really good game over-all but it would definitely benefit from a bit of explanation.

Hey, we played your game and had some feedback:

Overall it's really strong, the theme is good, the sound is good and the aesthetics are all good.

The gameplay is fun and interesting but lack of actual tutorial actually made it pretty hard to pick up and play...after enough trial and error we figured out what to do but for something so involved you really need to spell it out for people.

The character creation was funny, and all the menus were really solid.

All in all it's a really good game and we'd give it a 5 with a tutorial.

Hi IndieCrusader,

Thank you so much for your feedback we really appreciate how much you enjoyed our game!

I'm afraid we ran out of time a bit and weren't able to polish out the bugs or flesh out the game play, rest assured we will take your feedback to heart and work harder in the future.

Thanks again for your lovely feedback :)

Hi, thanks very much for the feedback!

The character falling over is definitely something we noticed but didn't have time to fix, though we thought it was pretty funny so left it in there haha

Thanks again and thanks for hosting :)

Hi we played your game and had some feedback:

The simple game play is fun and interesting, the idea of shooting the time sphere is cool and the use of sound and visuals to indicate the literal ticking clock was great.

The sound was good and it looked nice too, I'd say the only problem I had with it was that the map wasn't big enough and there weren't enough different enemies for how simple the concept was.

Over-all really great job!

Hi, we played your game and had some feedback:

The game is really charming, the visuals are basic but cute and the dialogue has lots of character.

The game mechanics are really solid and fit the theme well, the controls are fluid and I don't think we had any issues with it.

The actual visual design could use a lot of work as the assets are all quite basic and the lack of sound loses it marks but with those additions this would be a really solid (and very fun) game.

Well done!

Hey there,

We played your game and wrote a quick review: The presentation really is excellent, all the sprite work and music is fantastic and looks really clean and colourful.

The problems we had were with the bugs, enemies couldn't be hurt but could kill you quickly and the death screen would often crash...we couldn't finish because the game reset back to the beginning as we were climbing the stairs.

With the bug fixes it would be a really solid platformer.

Hi thanks very much for the feedback, we really appreciate it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the parts of the game that are essentially bugged haha with enough time we'd go back and fix those issues and also make more levels so there's more to the narrative.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Hi thanks very much for the feedback, I think our ambitions were a little higher than our means this time around so we couldn't deal with all the bugs unfortunately, we did our best to (at least) keep it playable even if it is a bit buggy.

Hey man thanks so much for the feedback it really means a lot!

The issues you raised we were totally aware of, we just didn't have enough time to fix it...although we did like how the character tumbled over during dialogue too haha

Thanks again :)