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Haha :P yeah well if you have any more time you could retest it as its working as it should now  + i used the correct tires in this verison so there is a bit of sliding trough corners and i lowered the center of mass much lower so it wont be able to flip now.. youll see it if you test it :P

Hi yeah well i just updated all that as for unknown reason alot of textures got corrupted so i uploaded the newer version, cleaned it up a bit and yeah i added a function that you get fliped over after one sec but i somehow forgot to connect it in the first version

I just managed to download and play your game and i found a few downsides:

- dinosaurs cant be killed 

- and when you die the respawn doesn't seem to be working after i pressed every key on the keyboard and mouse and waited till the end of the music.. 

- and since i made it to the desert tops i cant tell much more

- and its missing a main menu maybe and some setting w/ instructions

But the rest looks really good and i can see a nice potential in the game it still needs polishing and alot of other stuff but you got a big vote from my side :D

Hi, i tested your game and yeah its a bit confusing, the art style is nice and the voice acting is weird and funny but there are a few bugs with the jumping on the cones they can stuck you and you cant jump and at the first wave of enemy's you can go out of the building and under the ground... but GJ

Hi, just tested the game it looks ok so far the text might me a bit hard to reed and maybe destroy the character when you die, and maybe specify how the panels drop but the rest is good, GJ 

Hi i tested your game it has a nice feel but can fall of and you keep falling for a long range and don't effect any health lost, but the rest is ok

Hey, i tested your game it has a nice concept with the rewind function and all that, all that i have to say the crouch doesn't work then the sounds are too loud and when you are in game you cant save the settings, id say keep working on it don't abandon the concept and polish it out with tons of levels and maybe add some random generated levels and maybe it could be sold later on, GJ :D