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Just an Egg...with a net.
Submitted by Slowbison — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#3502.0042.143

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
The game starts off on a rightwards scrolling level, collecting essence. It then takes to the skies and flies back on a jetpack in the opposite direction collecting Sky shards for upgrades from the shop. It also houses a secret, given as a clue on the controls screen.

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In the controls screen, accessed from the main menu is a quote. It says "5 times they placed their hands on the left coin, 5 times they walked away with nothing. 5 times they placed their hands upon the wrong coin".

In the shop level (after the first 2 collection levels) there are 2 coins, one on either side of the shop window. Click on the right one 5 times and you receive 1000 shards.

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The basic gameplay loop is fun, but there isn't enough challenge involved in collecting essence and shards; At least for me, it was mostly just luck. Maybe some platforming in the essence collecting stage and a few different shard types, including punishing ones?
The game should also keep me in the screen area at all times.

Needs a bit of tweaking, but for your first jam, a great little prototype.


Thank you so much for playing, those are some excellent suggestions.

i wish I had spent a little more time finding a better camera solution to the one I had and extra challenge is definitely a hook the game could use. I'll work on those and update the game when the jam is over!


Very fun! I love the idea of being able to use what you collect before the run to have an advantage in the run where it starts to count. Welcome to GameDev! Gamemaker is such a good tool. 

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for playing and noticing that! I don't think I made it very clear without a proper UI to tell you what's happening lol.

I'm very excited to see what I can create on Game maker, it's incredible! 

I really appreciate the video review, helps me see the game from other perspectives.

The prices in the shop should definitely have been lowered, I've updated the game on my end with better prices and I'd like to add more items too. In case you wanted to test the other items, if you click the right coin in the shop, you'll get 1000 coins, was one of my secrets lol.


Pretty cool game i liked the mechanic of catching the essences made it fun to play.


thanks very much! It was a really fun first game for me. 


YEA!!! you did it! it was fun game to play! Very good job for your first game man. I did like the graphics you picked for this game!


Thanks so much for playing man! I had a lot of fun making it.

I definitely would draw things different for the next time, I didn't realise how much time it would take to make all of the assets! Lol.


Interesting game and a good take on the theme! The jetpack section could be refined more in terms of movement and camera controls. A few times i ended up off screen at the end of the segment.  Overall though it's a neat game!


Thank you for taking the time to play my game!
This was the first game I've ever made so a lot of the features are just me hashing up an idea and working with it. The camera for instance, follows an object that just moves at a steady pace across the screen until it hits a wall lol. 

Your feedback is very appreciated! 


Congrats on finihsing your first game! It's a lot better then my first game :)


I'm sure that's not true! Thank you so much :)