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Thank you so much for playing, those are some excellent suggestions.

i wish I had spent a little more time finding a better camera solution to the one I had and extra challenge is definitely a hook the game could use. I'll work on those and update the game when the jam is over!

Top score for you my friend!

I love your game, I could easily see this being a feature in a game, I hope you develop a game around this idea!

I played and played until I started seeing gems dropping (I was at like 150g), very addictive and extremely well made. I am jealous of your skills!

Lol this is the biggest file I've downloaded so far! The head on your dude made me chuckle, I had fun playing!

One little extra thing would have made the feel of running a little more immersive and that would have been for the character to bounce in a frame or two, I felt like I was ice-skating a little.

Great work though!

It works, it keeps going and you can keep playing. I personally would try to play with the jump a little to get it to be a more snappy and less floaty.

It doesn't seem to fit in with the theme of the Jam but you put the effort in to make a game, so well done!

Beautiful soundtrack, a truly serene ambience when flying around space.

The physics were impressive and very fun to play around with.

My only real criticism is that on the configuration on launch(Which is really cool by the way) there are some controls that don't correlate with the current build, such as fire 1, fire 2 and so on.

Great entry! 

The sound effects on the coin pickup was decent, wasn't jarring at all which is nice! 

I love the physics that the vehicle had, allowed for some pretty crazy movements! 

If I had to criticize anything it would be it was more of a round and round game than a there and back, would have been cool to maybe shift the direction so you had to get to the end and then come back to start?

Overall a really nice experience, well done!

I really liked the way you had designed levels and how you were able to bounce off of the yellow walls, the idea of the game is very good.

A couple of criticisms to possibly improve.

- Add a little sound to help with the immersion, I'm not sure if it had no sound or I had missed the option.

- The physics were slightly random in places. Sometimes I'd zoom off and others I'd move very slowly.

Great job!

I really liked the changing between time lines, a really cool mechanic, a nice transition or colour change between them would have cemented the idea in a bit more personally.

I got a bit stuck on level 3, couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do, but overall a fun and well thought up game.

The atmosphere is nice, it's got an ominous vibe to it.

This can work to an advantage for the game if a clear path is highlighted in terms the players destination(  signposts or arrows).

As to what was expected of me, I found it a little confusing. I played around for a little shooting at the platforms that shift around the center block, to no avail.

I also tried collecting the stick things around the outsides but the pyramid in the middle would always reset me. 

A tutorial would have been a good idea though. 

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Little bit of a harsh criticism, I personally would have worded that a little more friendly than you did, just a heads up.

A cool game with a really unique system, I enjoyed that.

I got stuck a few times and also I was killed by the rolling ball mob and it wouldn't let me restart, it just stayed on a black screen.

Great concept!

I think the concept is actually really good, it gets you think of the best way to finish the level! The movement felt good with how you picked up speed as you moved.

The only criticisms I have is the speed of the game, it felt a little lethargic. I'd say make the game a little faster,  especially the room turning effect. 

Great job!

I feel like this was a little unfinished? I struggled to jump and had to click that 'Can't jump?' button on screen which takes away from the immersion of the game. 

The milk carton wasn't interactive, or at least I couldn't interact with it. But you had the layout correct and it would have fit the theme I assume.

But your movement works fine, you did seem to be able to jump forever if you spammed space.

Brandon Sanderson is one of, if not my favourite author of all time! I'm so happy to see a rendition of one of his best stories! 

Very interesting mechanics, I'd love to see some combat implementation too! Great work.

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Thank you for playing and noticing that! I don't think I made it very clear without a proper UI to tell you what's happening lol.

I'm very excited to see what I can create on Game maker, it's incredible! 

I really appreciate the video review, helps me see the game from other perspectives.

The prices in the shop should definitely have been lowered, I've updated the game on my end with better prices and I'd like to add more items too. In case you wanted to test the other items, if you click the right coin in the shop, you'll get 1000 coins, was one of my secrets lol.

thanks very much! It was a really fun first game for me. 

that's a great idea! I'll definitely add that and some improvement soon!

Thanks again!

I think that music is gonna stay with me for a while, it was great!

The gameplay was both simple and yet you could make it challenging by picking all the chicks up at once! 

A very warm and comical game, very well done!

Thanks so much for playing man! I had a lot of fun making it.

I definitely would draw things different for the next time, I didn't realise how much time it would take to make all of the assets! Lol.

Wow! I loved the concept and the difficult, I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get the first secret and it was a great feeling when I finally did it!

You should definitely be proud of this entry!

Thank you again for playing!

It was a bit of an oversight for me. The essence you collect in the first stage actually determines your time in the jetpack phase, I did have a timer but it kept bugging out on the GUI, so it was removed. But the more essence you collect, the longer you get to collect shards in the sky :).

I'm sure that's not true! Thank you so much :)

I loved this! It took me a good while to finish, but I got to the end and felt like I achieved something!

Really cool design, great job!

Thank you for taking the time to play my game!
This was the first game I've ever made so a lot of the features are just me hashing up an idea and working with it. The camera for instance, follows an object that just moves at a steady pace across the screen until it hits a wall lol. 

Your feedback is very appreciated! 

I spent the entire game looking over my shoulder for the monster, a truly creepy experience indeed!

Very atmospheric, great job!

The voice over at the start had me in stitches! 

Good effort indeed! 

Really cool game!  Made me have to think hard to solve some of the problems.

This game feels so polished and smooth, a truly excellent display of coding and art combined.

One of my favourites so far!

Challenging gameplay with self explained mechanics. Loved the ways you could use traps to dispose of enemies.

Found myself getting clobbered by the fire throwing dudes a lot!

Great entry!

Solid game.

Found it very challenging and promotes a skilful gameplay style.

Excellent design and graphics!

A very charming game, I love the artwork and the GUI.

I did run into a few troubles with the enemies and some of the mechanics. I couldn't attack anything with my sword, it just phased through everything. 

Also I would have loved to have had a little sound.

That pirate is adorable though!

A well executed game with unique platstyles.

Challenging and forces you to think before you move.

Critisicms: I would have liked to have seen  better qualities buttons on the level complete screen, the text was uneven.

Overall, a great job!

Very simple and engaging game, really enjoyed playing it.

I did notice that there is a settings screen with a button inside, I thought it might be a secret and clicked it a few hundred times to make sure, but I think I was wrong lol.

Great job!

Really great game, found it very challenging at first when I would get surrounded by the slimes, but found a strategy to counter that and completed the game! 

Very smooth controls, I think it's fantastic how many types of input support you've added.

Art work is great, music and sound are also very well done!

I'd love to see this as a larger version, it's great fun. 

Well done!

Great looking game man, controls are very smooth and responsive!

If I were to give any constructive feedback, it would be that the screen shake is a little intense, especially if you kill things in quick succession, and there doesn't seem to be a way to exit the game unless you alt + tab out and close it from there. 

But really great game! Has excellent style.

Nicely done man! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the views! A pleasure to see it go from development to completion!

Also my first jam! I've just finished it and submitted! Good luck guys!

Great game mate! Only criticism would be that the rockets should deal more damage due to their limited use! Otherwise, enjoyed it!