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​Project submission for the VGDC Fall Game Jam Game Jam with the theme "Everything we need is already here".
Submitted by Philippe Sylvestre, PatrickVasile, Vincent Davila, Mathias Sorin — 4 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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I think I completed everything, but I died anyway somehow. Good game!


This game is a pretty cool concept... But why does that tiny little remote takes 3 giant batteries!? Hahahah.

One thing I would have liked, and I think it was mentioned by another comment, is that the objectives would cross out when completed


I really like the rendering on the zombies, the outline really helps them pop. The toilet zombie was great lol, reminded me of majora's mask a lot. Kinda wish the "todo list" crossed out completed entries, and also that the 5 minute timer was on screen. Took me a while to realize how to burn the zombie in the fireplace lol, didn't realize the matches weren't doing anything.


Thanks for the feedback, yea we were definetly trying  to get that working on our end, we ran out of time on our end as to what we could do, but we wanted to implement  the timer and the crossed off objectives on the checklist. It gives us things to think about for the next one!


Always nice to see a complete game in a Jam, even if it's a short one! Also fits the theme, but it's way too easy, and (at least for me) the lighting was totally off. It was way too bright, so that it rendered the flashlight useless. Also I didn't like the sounddesign, but that might be just me.


Yea we definetly struggled with the lighting, if we had some more time it would have been something we would have worked on a little more. As for sound design, none of the members of the team were experienced in sound design for games, so we were learning on the fly.  Ideally we would have loved to spend more time on the sound in order to provide the proper atmosphere, but alas that couldnt fit in the constraints of the jam. Thank you for the feedback!


I liked this game. Simple mechanics but effective. The controls are a bit fast but overall they were executed well. You have my respect for creating your own desing assets and not getting them from somewhere else.


I got really bad motion sickness. The game is really cool though. Cool concept and good execution. 

Developer (1 edit)

Oh no! Im sorry to hear about that! Thanks for the feedback all the same!


This game both unsettled me and gave me the giggles. I think if you were going for a more serious and scary vibe though there needs to be some mood adjusting. I honestly enjoyed this a lot. I love how things spin uncontrollably when you pick them up. Mechanics work great. 


Thanks for the feedback! Well in our design brief our intentions were to go for something a little more goofy, with the whacky physics and the ridiculousness of the zombie lying under the bed, and arms coming out of the toilets


Its was petty good love it!