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I see ... Yeah, I actually tried to nail the timing, so it's hard but also still possible.
Maybe try waiting for a bit, and then concentrate on the jumping only ;)

I was never able to find pic related. Maybe because of really bad luck, or maybe it's just not in the game yet(?). Very solid foundation for a game I'd say - keep working on it!
And regarding the collecting of items - maybe think about attracting items in a specific range to your player to collect them (?).

I'm sorry to hear that! :/

Do you mean the very first ice-styled level, or the one called "can you pick me up"?

If it's the first, I'm sure you can do it (or is the platforming too hard due to the slippery controls? Seems I have messed that up a bit). If it's the latter one, and you struggle finding the way - the crucial hint is the name of the level ;)

Feel free to message me if you're stuck somewhere 😊

Thank you!

I see the controls being a common theme/the main point of critique, so I know where I have to put more work (more time😅) into in the future.

Very good feedback from everyone, this being my first gamejam, and basically my first game, everything is very helpful.

Thank you for your feedback!

I definitely have to work on character controllers/tighter controls 😅

Wow, thank you very much 😲😍

Those "special" levels were the base idea, to tackle the theme in a kind of fourth-wall break way, I'm so happy that you liked it that much :)

Also, now that you mentioned it, my brain tickles a bit ... Yeah ... I just might have left something in there accidentally after testing ... Will fix ASAP

Glad you liked it, I hope the controls being to slippery didn't stop you from playing through the game and finding the "true ending" :)

Thank you for your kind words!

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Regarding the Level 2 - "Can you pick me up?" - you have to think a bit outside the box here on how to get Bob to the goal. I hope you will try again, so you can get to the secret ending too.

I agree on the slipperyness of Bob, but it was meant to be part of the challenge since it is a bit restricted by the single-screen-layout.
Seeing you're not the only one giving me feedback on the controls I will definitely work on that in future projects :)
Thanks for your feedback

Seems to be very polished up to this point, but is missing content I guess.
Game I played the longest of all of this Jam :)
Two things I found irritating were - 1. collecting the ressources with the mouse instead with the player model 2. Not being able to get all ressources(?)

Overall a nice experience, really amazing what you did in just two days! Getting softlocked by/with the hammer is definitely a big problem. But, for my understanding it's the opposite of the theme, since there is nothing on the planet in the beginning, and you sometimes(/often) need exactly something that is not already there ...

I would love to see further progress on this project, I'm curious what we will see in future releases.

Not to be rude, but I don't really see what you did here yourself. It seems like it's only a mashup of some assets. And especially regarding this, it's shockingly short, since the first level is in the asset pack, and the second one is just one empty room.

With the teleport powerup you can skip whole levels, and the double jump is more or less useless, needs work with those both and the leveldesign. Was vibing to the music, but missed some sfx.
Overall nice, but at the same time very broken gameplay-wise - let's see a release with some balancing :)
Also I didn't get how it fits the theme(?).

Always nice to see a complete game in a Jam, even if it's a short one! Also fits the theme, but it's way too easy, and (at least for me) the lighting was totally off. It was way too bright, so that it rendered the flashlight useless. Also I didn't like the sounddesign, but that might be just me.

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Everything is Salad xD
Some quirks here and there, but an overall nice concept. Would be way more interesting/challenging, if there were customers you had to cook for. Fits the theme very well!