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Its a intresting game idea but im confused what am i suppose to do

Im so happy to hear that its fun!!!

Thank you!!!

Have you tried pressing the full screen button and it only wroks on pc!

Thank you!

Interesting game concept


It needs so much work to be a full fun game but good try!

Pretty hard love it!

Pretty fun but it took my quite while to get used to the controls

Love it its pretty amazing!

Pretty fun but for me it dosent seem that the limitation of 4 colors has ben used with all of the effect light it creates diffrent colors

Thank you so much  i love cats so much!

Another cat enjoyer like me  and love the game!

I tried to make the user rage as much as possible that tis gonna be challeging!

Love this it made me laugh so much!

Thank you i tried to put background music but never seem to make a good one that fits!

Love the concept but sadly theres so many bugs 

Im so happy to hear that!

A old stickman game i love it pretty nice!

I tried to make the user have a difficult time  im so happy to hear that that you  love it!

Pretty fun love the gaameplay and havent seen 2D/3D a long time ago 

Thank you !!!

Pretty fun experience would be a bit better if you would do something with the blue background sticking out but overall i love it!

Thank you !!!

Never seen anyone make a scratch game and submit it to a game jam thats pretty creative !

Thank you!

Pretty fun but would be amazing if it had some sound effects 

Hi! i dont remember quite well how did i come up with gravity switch mechanic but i think i was playing some mobile game. The color palette i used i think it was citrink  palette .Never heard of a game called sulka tho but surely gonna check it out!

Thanks!! as i said in a comment that i rushed some mechanics of the game of the fear that im not gonna finish it 


Thank you!

Thank you i will keep in mind to compose some music in my other projects!

Thank you!

Thanks! i rushed  some  mechanics of the game of the fear that im not gonna finish it 

Thanks i  tried my best with hitboxes!

Thank you!

This game is well polished but was kinda confused how  it fits the jam theme but i  would have played it longer if there were more levels!!

Looks cool but the controls are way to slippery but its cool!

Looks interesting but was confused with the gameplay but still i like it!