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you can only move by using your weapons its a way to get unstuck in a time loop that only your player is effected by!

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The shopkeeper is deaf she's only there to protect the items she's selling from those pesky monsters !

im so happy to hear that!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

It was my intent and i  know that you can keep scoring when your falling i tried to make it fun for everyone!

Thank you for the comment !!!

Thank you !!!!!!!

Thank you!!

It would be the best game in this jam if the arrows and the music notes would sync!

Pretty fun but needs alot of work!

Pretty interesting game idea

Pretty fun and love the take on the theme

Pretty confusing game but i love the art style so much!

This is pretty fun but the sound is way to loud

Pretty unique take on the theme but the game needs alot alot of work

Pretty cool concept but needs alot of work

The visuals are cool but the controls could be a bit more worked on!

Its a nice idea but it could be so much slower and the beginning

Pretty unique take on the theme!

It would be nice if there would be instructions how to play it

Its not even working :(

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Its fun but i dont know how it fits in the theme

It tooks some time to figure it out how to play it but its pretty neat!

It needs alot of work but a good idea on the theme!

Hehe Thank you for playing it !

you can use on 2D too and you can use a huge variety of webgl supported engines 

look it up it will help you!

just make a webgl game smh



Its a intresting game idea but im confused what am i suppose to do

Im so happy to hear that its fun!!!

Thank you!!!

Have you tried pressing the full screen button and it only wroks on pc!

Thank you!

Interesting game concept


It needs so much work to be a full fun game but good try!