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That is very strange, do you have any more info I could use to fix it?

I like the level mode's potential. Perhaps make it so you can't run over crops you've already planted? Of course this would require a redesign of all the maps but I think it could be interesting.

The endless mode was confusing, the controls were different which I don't understand the reasoning for. The audio switching channels based on the direction of the tractor was for me very uncomfortable. Overall the sound effects I found to be not very pleasant and I opted to mute the audio.

I really like these kinds of games and with a little creativity I think you can make this a good one! Keep trying and I'm sure you can make something great!

Yes, freedom and direction are very hard to have coexist. I would recommend having the rooms fill the camera so you can see everything in a room. Also having a better layout for the map with rooms being unique could help with memory of the map

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The music could use a lot of work and the main gameplay mechanics are lacking. I need something to keep me playing. But I can see potential in the concept. Keep it up!

I like the concept of having a week to prepare for the big question as a game, but currently there isn't much to do and is confusing at times.

This game is interesting. I really like the color palette for each level, and the background art and promotional art is great. The main mechanic of it getting darker as the level goes on is a good start.

Sadly, it seems as the game goes on it slowly gets shoved to the side and becomes more of a nuisance instead of a challenge. I would have liked to see more mechanics adding on to or expanding it. The first few levels do very well with introducing the mechanic. As well as showing how the heart system works in conjunction with the visibility.

 Also, the ghosts and the balls are too similar, I would recommend thinking about how the player deals with the enemies presented and if their approaches differ between them. I really like this game for it's art and music, but better game-play is needed.

Amazing storytelling. I am patiently awaiting a sequel. Sadly, lacking the feature to make the rat real is going to have to make me rate this game a 0/10 instead of a 20/10

Try just playing again, if you want. I played the version I have to download and didn't encounter the issue. Did you get to the part where you entered a cave?

That’s interesting, there is a boss fight and an end credits. What version did you play on?

Nice art but I wish there was more game

I was unimpressed at first. But once I found the feature of gaining infinite money by selling nothing at the store, I realized the potential in this game. I first sold 10000 nothings for 15 each. Then I bought 300000 pieces of wood then set up an autohotkey script to give them all to fire girl over the course of 2 hours. I then slept for 29 days and enjoyed my 1000000 relationship points

This game is amazing, I love the mechanics in place. I would love to see an optimization and maybe a make-over. But I appreciate how easy it is to tell what is what. I do have a few issues though, the collision is very inconsistent. Sometimes I can walk through walls and sometimes I can't. That being said it doesn't effect the gameplay too much. I was unable to complete the amazing Halloween level, but I would blame that on my poor rig. I think that the first level and the halloween level are the greatest, they have moments where you aren't told what to do and improvising the right option is so satisfying. Amazing work

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I finished.

I avoided this game forever. Every corner I approached I would check if it was there. Every time I saw its porous face I stood there in absolute horror and distress. I would say nothing as it's long tendrils slowly ran along my face, exploring every nook and cranny. Then, it would leave, but I knew it would be back. It always came back. Every time, repeating these exact motions, and every time I stood there and did nothing. I would tell myself that it couldn't hurt me, every night I stood awake as it pounded on my door. Every night I would sit there in panic, waiting for it to end until I cried myself to sleep. Last night, I loaded my shotgun and approached the door. Every step I took the pounding got louder, and louder. The handle shook and the frame cracked. I let my hand down to spin the handle, I increased my grip on my weapon. As I slowly turned the knob, it stopped, it knew I was coming. It knew I was terrified, but it wanted to see me try, to see me fail. I took and deep breath, closed my eyes and opened the door. I head it lash out at me, screeching, that's when I fired. The absence of sound signaled me it was over, I opened my eyes hesitantly to find myself, dead, at the foot of my game.

I can't believe this uwu stople my game m m >:( senfld is my show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take down I have people on the inside motherfucker