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This game is amazing, I love the mechanics in place. I would love to see an optimization and maybe a make-over. But I appreciate how easy it is to tell what is what. I do have a few issues though, the collision is very inconsistent. Sometimes I can walk through walls and sometimes I can't. That being said it doesn't effect the gameplay too much. I was unable to complete the amazing Halloween level, but I would blame that on my poor rig. I think that the first level and the halloween level are the greatest, they have moments where you aren't told what to do and improvising the right option is so satisfying. Amazing work


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The collision issues are probably in part due to the physics implementation in Phaser (the engine I'm using) not doing too well in low FPS scenarios, and also in part due to . I've been trying to improve the performance, but alternate approaches I've explored have resulted in roughly similar FPS. Still, at least I'm learning some details about browser graphics performance in the process.