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The best game I have played! Oh gosh, I wish I was on this team. The people that have build this game must be some true gamers. I envy them! 

Too slopery the mechanics and I have no idea how to get past level 2. But the design was nice and the transition too. Great job!

Great game! But needs some polish!

Absolutely amazing game tbh! Simple and straight to the point! I love how the concept of "Everything we need is here" is integrated in the context of cooking. The score system is good. The audio effects for cutting and frying are nice. 10/10

Great game!

Amazing game! Innovative concept! The mechanics were well build, except for the grapple. I think that one can be more refined, but still a fun mechanic. The transitions from level to level were smooth. The minimap was of great help. The music and times makes you feel the tension. 9/10

I liked this game. Simple mechanics but effective. The controls are a bit fast but overall they were executed well. You have my respect for creating your own desing assets and not getting them from somewhere else.

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I love this game so much! Very addictive if I must be honest! The mechanics for harboring life, sustaining and upgrading it are very well designed. The natural disasters are well animated and you can feel the pain and suffering of your people with those emojies :)). The instruction are pretty clear and there is no doubt that this game was created with a clear image in mind. Well done!

Great game! Keep going and you'll become better!

I loved the transition from level to level. The pixelated design was amazing! I really liked it! However, the key following you was a bit slow and I got to very amusing positions where I would finish the level at the portal and the key would be on the other side of the screen(The last level). Nice effects for the background and the cat jumping. Overall 9/10. Some electro music in the background would have been nice but hey! You did a great job!

Nice game but how do I get past those spikes in the left. I really wanna find out what lies ahead of those spikes!