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A Life Fully LivedView game page

What would you do if you could start it all over?
Submitted by Nenekiri (@Nenekiri_Dragon) — 17 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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A Life Fully Lived's page

(Optional) f you feel that the link to the theme is unclear, please include an explanation
The theme is new beginnings or fresh starts.
So I decided to take it in a more literal direction and make a
game about starting your life over. This is handled in the scenes for
the game, but at the end of each scene the player is kicked back to the
title screen. This is because in the story the player has just started their
life over. To continue the game and get the next scene, the player just has to
hit the "new game" button in the middle of the title screen to advance to the
next section.

The reason I decided to set the game up in this fashion was to further
emphasize the nature of restarting the player's life using the game's mechanics.
Each time the player hits "new game" they are making a conscious choice to start the
main character's life over again. And the other characters will make reference to this fact.

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No problem, I'm happy if it helped!


Thank you very much! And thanks again for finding out that writing permission bug. It was something I had not considered since this is the first time I've used so many system variables in tyrannobuilder!


I imagine it does, since I got stuck on Time Spirit forever (well, more like for 3 tries) before moving the game to a folder that I know applications usually have writing permission in! Good work with the game!


Thanks for playing Cubehero! I didn't realize the folder needed write permissions to store the necessary variables. I'll add that to the section on the game page so that other players know. 


Interesting concept, I've thought about applications of "invisible save states" myself and I liked seeing this one!

Are all the in-game choices aside from New Game just "fluff"? If it wasn't for the ending with Experience Spirit I would've thought the correct choice for the main character's sake would be not playing the game at all (or stopping after Time Spirit). I imagine it might still be, but then, curiosity always pushes onward, I guess!

By the way, and this is likely related to the earlier comment you got, it took me three runs through Time Spirit to realize that the game was in a folder where it didn't have writing permission and thus couldn't advance. Maybe you should put a bit about that in the readme file and/or on the download page on for silly users like me!


Just downloaded the executable and ran through the Time Spirit section without any trouble. Have you tried re-downloading the executable?


Hmm that's weird. Let me boot it up and take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience!

It'll not advance to the next screen. I've played it 4 times in a row, choosing different answers every time, and I'm still stuck at the first guardian. I first thought it was because I was supposed to play it multiple times (you know, with the whole going back in time and all), but it doesn't seem do be the case.


Heya, Didog! What seems to be the problem? Is the game frozen or will it not advance to the next screen?

I can't seem to get past the time spirit :|

such an amazing game thank you for submitting your work! good luck for the future games i will be looking forward uvu