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Hey there. Thanks for the reply! I just finished it.

It was really cute! You certainly managed to deliver the right feelings with the last scenes. Congratulations :)

I did feel the relation to the theme was a bit forced though. I didn't quite feel that way during the playthrough, but during the final scene (where Summer talks about fresh starts after... you know what), it seemed... Harsh? Like moving on too quickly I guess. Maybe a time skip could fix it.

Anyways, like I said, this is a very good entry. I had fun while playing. Thanks for submitting :)

It'll not advance to the next screen. I've played it 4 times in a row, choosing different answers every time, and I'm still stuck at the first guardian. I first thought it was because I was supposed to play it multiple times (you know, with the whole going back in time and all), but it doesn't seem do be the case.


I played this several times, but only managed to get to the second and third ending :(, so no happy endings for me.

Overall, I liked it. The character's art is very gorgeous and unique. The CG doesn't really blend well ith it, but it isn't too bad either. The major problem was the music. Sometimes it was very... anticlimatic. Also, the transitions were very abrupt. Visually, it was ok, but there were times when the music simply stopped, and in which some fade out would've helped.

All in all, it was great! If I could get a spoil on how to get the first (and the last, I presume?) ending, I'd like to check it out. Congrats for the entry and good luck!

Quite nice! It made me laugh :)

The art is very beautiful, specially the CG. It did few short, though, as it was supposed to be about half hour long and I played it in about 10 minutes.

Congrats for the submission!

I can't seem to get past the time spirit :|

A dev's note: This game doesn't use BGM, except for the title screen. This is intented to bring a more deep atmosphere of loneliness. I did try to mess with some BGM, but they just wouldn't fit. Hope you like it anyways.

Hello Zaxtor!

I`m really, really glad you enjoyed it! I made sure to watch the whole livestream. I gotta say I was really embarassed the whole time. Truth to be told, this was developed in only two weeks. I joined the Tyrano Jam a little bit too late and things got rushed from that point on. You are absolutely right about some things you said during the livestream. You guessed that the story was actually written in a different language, and that`s true. I wrote all of it in my native language (portuguese) before translating it to english. The writing process took me abou a whole week, and I had to rush the translation in only two days. As a result, there were a lot of missing words, bad phrasing and english mistakes I did not have time to correct.

There were a lot of things your stream taught me! The first was to take my time if I`m going to write something in another language. Even then, it will probably be better if I ask a native speaker to help me correct some mistakes next time. My english is, like you said, far from perfect, after all.

It`s also very fruitful to watch someone play something you made. You can see where you got things right, and where it could`ve been better. There are a lot of things I`d like to do differently if I had the time to. Well, guess I`ll just have to work harder on my next project. I hope you`ll look foward to it!

Thank you so much =)

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)