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A jam entry

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A wife trying to save her husband from repeatedly dying.
Submitted by Parfait Alley with 5 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline

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@didogaosilva Thank you so much for your support! Glad to hear you could at least enjoy it despite all the flaws and errors. We'll make sure to avoid further mistakes in our next project. Please look forward to it!


Hey there. Thanks for the reply! I just finished it.

It was really cute! You certainly managed to deliver the right feelings with the last scenes. Congratulations :)

I did feel the relation to the theme was a bit forced though. I didn't quite feel that way during the playthrough, but during the final scene (where Summer talks about fresh starts after... you know what), it seemed... Harsh? Like moving on too quickly I guess. Maybe a time skip could fix it.

Anyways, like I said, this is a very good entry. I had fun while playing. Thanks for submitting :)


@didogaosilva Thank you for that~ We'll keep in mind to blend the music with the situations next time 😅 Here's a guide to get the other two endings:


>> Cook everything yourself

>> Make an excuse

>> Head and stomach

After this it will unlock a new third option in the next choice

>> Tell Winter everything

And that's it! Thanks again for the tips and good luck to you too.



I played this several times, but only managed to get to the second and third ending :(, so no happy endings for me.

Overall, I liked it. The character's art is very gorgeous and unique. The CG doesn't really blend well ith it, but it isn't too bad either. The major problem was the music. Sometimes it was very... anticlimatic. Also, the transitions were very abrupt. Visually, it was ok, but there were times when the music simply stopped, and in which some fade out would've helped.

All in all, it was great! If I could get a spoil on how to get the first (and the last, I presume?) ending, I'd like to check it out. Congrats for the entry and good luck!


@bullydog Thank you for the feedback! This is our first time making a visual novel so your comment is really appreciated. We'll take note in the near future :)


It's unfortunate, but I didn't enjoy this like I thought I was going to. The idea was excellent, but the execution left me feeling sort of empty. I wasn't jarred by the husband's deaths like I should have been. The bouncy tone of the music throughout the entire thing made it impossible to feel properly sad or disturbed. Decent art, but I hope the maker puts a little more solemnity into their next project.