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It's unfortunate, but I didn't enjoy this like I thought I was going to. The idea was excellent, but the execution left me feeling sort of empty. I wasn't jarred by the husband's deaths like I should have been. The bouncy tone of the music throughout the entire thing made it impossible to feel properly sad or disturbed. Decent art, but I hope the maker puts a little more solemnity into their next project.

Wow just for me! I hope other people can use this too, or else I feel like a dick.

I appreciate it. Will leave great reviews.

No problem. Glad I could help.

My taskbar's transparent so I can KINDA read it? But not well enough.

My only problem is I'm playing this on a laptop and since I cannot change the size of the window, I can't read any of the dialogue because it's cut off by my taskbar. Once that changes, I can play the game, but until then, I can't read a thing.