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Thank you, thank you a lot for writing this long long comment! You're such a sweetheart, *thanks again for the 2389th time*! I was discussing what you've written with the other devs, that's why it took me a long time to reply back, sorry for the wait!
As for the game played in The Room, we think it would be very confusing to tell the player about the new rules of a new game they're going to be playing. However, we've thought of implementing minigames, like a minigame card you can pair and play with the other players. That's why your recommendations are golden, Poker and roulette (especially Russian, we love devilish ideas apparently!) would be very nice to use in the game. Oh, and think that Sinek will return in a next room. But this time her leg is cut off like Picche's, and we make her play Musical Chairs. I seem to really like this idea, but I have to talk about this with the other devs hehe. (evil ideas are more than welcomed in this twisted game of old maid!)

As for the other characters, I don't like this MC we have in this game, and I really loved the idea of different MC's. Our MC is supposed to symbolize the joker, since they don't have any clear goals in life they can change it according to other characters, just like we did with Picche's brother. I would rewrite the script again and again and that wouldn't be a problem for me to implement different MC's, but as a studio we don't have a very strong work ethic, I doubt if my hype would continue until the end.  (in other words: they didn't let me write 2 different mc's because I tend to get lazy lol)

Getting Ismet as a final boss is a great idea! However, let me tell that we have great great plans for the final boss! I won't spoil a thing but know that it's good!

I will thank you again and again for writing these comments, giving us time to play our game and being super nice and caring. Have a good day!

Hello, I am one of the developers for true odds! First of all, let me thank you for your awesome feedback, it pumped us all!! We are aiming to make this project a full one -yes, it's still a demo, we hope to make four playable rooms with different characters. It made us very happy to see you enjoying the game and playing it until the end. Looks like you got all the endings, and yeah, there isn't a win from Sinek. She's some sort of a final boss of this room, heheh.
May I ask if you have any suggestions for the next rooms? Or any ideas to make this room a better place, we are thinking of rewriting some parts, we would appreciate some more feedback. 

such an amazing game thank you for submitting your work! good luck for the future games i will be looking forward uvu