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I love this idea!

Very enjoyable game! These fights are no joke. After the first few battles I started to get into a rhythm of how to distribute my NU among the party members better and the game clicked a lot more for me then. Certainly the most I've thought about my turn in an RPG in a long time, since there's always something at stake for making the wrong decision. 

Ahh, this is super exciting! I showed the game to my trans masc friend and he loved it. Really excited for whatever comes next. 

Awww, very cute!

Aww thank you! Glad you got it working!

I haven't been as of late but I would love to get back to it in some capacity. What would you need to be able to play it? 

A good possum indeed! Really lovely concept!

Aww thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

Really interesting concept for a tabletop game! I had heard of One Page RPG's before but hadn't ever sought one out until now. The mechanics are a lot more approachable when they're laid out in simplified terms like this and I'm excited to try and run this in the future. Happy treasure hunting!

I am much too tired to count proper paces right now but this game is super duper charming and I loved the idea that you ran with!

This was a really neat experience! I loved the cozy atmosphere of just walking around the drive-in and talking to folks. Plus I noticed some of the cool Unity tricks you used in this and it got me thinking about using lighting in different ways. 

This was a really interesting combination of genres! Love the tamagotchi inspired graphics and gameplay loop. 

I loved playing through this! The art style was great and really leant itself to the small town atmosphere. The story was paced out well and the interactions between the characters enjoyable. The inclusion of little details like the FIDO objective book and the magnifying glass over important interactables helped to keep me on track. Would love to hear more about the process for how your team worked on this game for the jam! 

Yeah that was one of the more macabre paths in the story. 

Love the model and the animations for the dancing! Had a hard time making sense of the card mechanics but I eventually got the hang of it. 

Really enjoyed this! At one point I forgot I was playing on my laptop and thought I was on an old windows 95 desktop. The low-hum in the background of the game really sells the environment. 

This was really neat! Really loved the backgrounds you made for this, the highway into the distance was especially cool!

Very interesting character creator and space to play in! 

Loved it! The animations and the character sprites for the enemies and players are both very well done. The movement was responsive and the shooting had some nice impact to it. I also liked the inclusion of small mechanics that added to the experience like the shield slowing your descent when you use it midair. One of the things that I think could be improved is the way that you communicate the different power-ups to the player before they pick them up. It might have been the franticness of playing the level for the first time, but I had trouble telling which power-up I was picking up after shooting down the pinata enemies. Overall a solid run and gun! Will be looking forward to future updates and the full game!

This was really fun! I really enjoyed the art direction and how each attack felt like it had weight and impact when hitting enemies. One of the bugs I ran into was that during the final fight, right before the Boss starts attacking I could attack the boss before the fight started proper. I kinda like it though! After losing to him the first time, I came back and impaled him to start the fight off and that gave me a huge confidence boost! Some of the actions relying on having to press jump and a direction may not read well to some other players. Like for instance, needing to press down+jump to go through platforms or Jump+up to flip switches. All in all though, I had fun and can see this being something I pick up once development finishes!

Really neat game! The only thing that threw me was the  part where you needed to use the arrow keys since the rest of the game is primarily controlled with the mouse pointer. Thank you for sharing it and by extension your current experiences. I enjoyed all the sounds you picked out and the visual effects were really cool! I hope you find a way to get some much needed rest soon. 

Very cute! I'll be keeping an eye on the project for further updates. 

An Actual Review of Shammy Game: It's good, would smash games as owl again. Very accurate representation of videos!

Really neat game! Very tranquil and peaceful. Had a lot of fun going through and reloading the messages to see what would be generated. 

Very lovely game! I really enjoyed the puzzles throughout as they all seemed to make good use of the transformation mechanic. 

Thanks for the patch! Very interesting premise for the game. I really enjoyed the visuals and sound effects used to represent the glitching enemies. 

Very neat concept! I liked the glitch effects for the enemies and it ties in nicely with the theme of the jam. 

This is very cute! I love the little heart effects that pop up!

Ahhh! Thank you so much for playing it! I'll definitely check the video out. 

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

That wizard is a tricky one alright. Thanks for playing!

Aww, thank you for playing! I'm glad it connected with you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you enjoyed! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to try out the Bitsy engine and thought this jam was the perfect opportunity. Thanks for organizing such a nice jam idea!

Thank you! Yeah that wizard can be tricky!

Glad you enjoyed! 

Thank you very much! And thanks again for finding out that writing permission bug. It was something I had not considered since this is the first time I've used so many system variables in tyrannobuilder!

Thanks for playing Cubehero! I didn't realize the folder needed write permissions to store the necessary variables. I'll add that to the section on the game page so that other players know.