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Very neat concept! I liked the glitch effects for the enemies and it ties in nicely with the theme of the jam. 

This is very cute! I love the little heart effects that pop up!

Ahhh! Thank you so much for playing it! I'll definitely check the video out. 

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

That wizard is a tricky one alright. Thanks for playing!

Aww, thank you for playing! I'm glad it connected with you!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!

I'm glad you enjoyed! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to try out the Bitsy engine and thought this jam was the perfect opportunity. Thanks for organizing such a nice jam idea!

Thank you! Yeah that wizard can be tricky!

Glad you enjoyed! 

Thank you very much! And thanks again for finding out that writing permission bug. It was something I had not considered since this is the first time I've used so many system variables in tyrannobuilder!

Thanks for playing Cubehero! I didn't realize the folder needed write permissions to store the necessary variables. I'll add that to the section on the game page so that other players know. 

Just downloaded the executable and ran through the Time Spirit section without any trouble. Have you tried re-downloading the executable?

Hmm that's weird. Let me boot it up and take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Heya, Didog! What seems to be the problem? Is the game frozen or will it not advance to the next screen?

This looks really cool! Excited to see the finished project.

Created a new topic Bugs and general Glitches

Hey everyone! If you happen to come across something that you think is a glitch or bug in the game then this is the place to talk about it! I will do my best to address concerns as they arise.

New bug has been brought to my attention with one of the last levels of the game and some dialogue boxes that can't be seen when not in fullscreen mode. Will be doing my best to fix this at my earliest convenience!

This is a section devoted to any glitches, bugs, or other behavior that the game displays that doesn't quite add up.

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Thanks man! Glad the idea interests you!

Very nice message. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Very interesting stuff to read about. I thought it was quite informative and poignant. As someone who wasn't around back when everything was drama all the time, it provides an insight that I couldn't be around for. Thank you very much for making this.

Best use of an invisible wall that I've seen in a long time. Very nice, calming experience you have put together here.

This was a really neat idea! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and going through all of the dialogue. You really captured the mundane nature of working at his job.