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A jam entry

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Choose a Technique. Kill a Conspirator. Search for the meaning of HCF. #HCFtwine
Submitted by Naomi Norbez (@NaomiNorbez) with 5 days, 9 hours before the deadline


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I really enjoyed your game, it's a shame that I missed it back in the jam days.

Keep up the good work, I hope to see more of your works ;)

Voice-acting update is a go! Featuring Brandon Koziatek as The Shopkeeper! Take a listen by downloading HCF 300+VO.zip! Thanks for reading.

@Mars B.: Thanks, I'm glad to here that! And thanks for following me! :D

This game is really tense!! It's giving me chills even a day after I played the game! ;A; I can't imagine what HCF might mean though... alas... Good job though! I can't wait to see more things from you in the future!!

@RoboticaBirdie: Like both your guesses! Would you mind if I tweeted them? ^^

The music is really great, and the concept is very dark and intriguing. I find that I want to know more about the world this is set in, which is something I always love. As for what HCF stands for... Holy Conspirator Finisher? Or maybe Hyper Control Freak?

@Hishalea: I'm glad to hear that! Got any guesses for what HCF means? ^^

Wonderfully atmospheric and intriguing. This is sure to be something that I think about for days to come. Great work!

@dreamlogician: Just did! Thank you! :D

@Norbez: Sure, feel free to tweet it.

Playing the game made me feel like I was performing some kind of technology-assisted process to bring Ann's views in line with a set of accepted or "approved" norms (by forcing her to either renounce her views or be killed). So in my mind, the target of HCF is the "heretic" that is being "cleansed"... seemed like an ominous enough term to fit with the tone of the game. ;)

Hey, guys. Leaving a little something about HCF:

@PenguinSebs: Yes, that Lord of Ann's is very charismatic. I follow Him.

@Halsted M. Bernar: Thanks for playing! We're actually getting ready to record the voice-acting tomorrow! I'll probably implement it by the end of this week, or the beginning of next week. Keep watch!

@dreamlogician: "Heretic Cleansing Function", huh? Hmm. . .

Would you mind if I tweet your guess?

@TopHat Haze: Thanks! Like your guess!


I have no idea what HCF means but I like that I don't know. It makes me less complicit here, which eases my mind somewhat.

Very strong work encapsulating the mood and premise with few words and an excellent choice of soundtrack. I look forward to the addition of the voice acting.

You should already know that I like your game. :)

I tweeted my guess a bit ago, but I thought I'd say it here: I think HCF means Hurting Christ's Followers, since you talked about apostasy.

This is genuinely creepy (in a good way). Nice work! I'll go with "Heretic Cleansing Function" as my guess for what HCF means. ;)

@Brian White: Don't worry about replying late! :) And feel free to tweet me when you're ready. I'm glad I could cheer you up with my comments.

Sorry it took me so long to reply...Loved HCF, it's very atmospheric, and very different (I'm always on the lookout for more original games) The moment when you find out what exactly you're doing is pretty jarring, and delightfully unexpected. As for what HCF means...I'm still working on it. I'll follow you on Twitter and let you know when I've figured it out, lol. And thank you so much for the positive comment on the quick little game I made; seeing that email pop up was...well, I needed it that day :)

Great work. The music matches the atmosphere well, and the thought of squeezing someone's heart or lungs until they died was pretty creepy as well.

Thank you for the feedback on my game.

@astrobolism: Thanks, man! :D Doing that now!

@Norbez No, go ahead!

@astrobolism and Efe Alacamlt: Those are both very interesting guesses . . . would you mind if they were tweeted? :)

Great story with an excellent atmosphere. Music really adds a tension and feeds that atmosphere. My guess on HCF is Human Conspirator Freak.

Neat story -- I'm still trying to think of a good meaning for HCF, though. It does have a sinister sound... wait, how about: Hunter Cell Freak.

@PenguinSebs: Thanks, man! :D

Actually I'll do so myself

@PenguinSebs: Would you mind if I tweeted your guess to HCF?

Heart Connection Failure: at least that's what i think it means.

Why? Well it is consistent with the juxtaposition of motives and biology in that the main character, whoever he or she is appears to lack empathy for a person in pain, The heart connection appears thus to be related to the person's lack of feelings for others, lack of heart if you will.

However, more so than the title, I am interested in the setting of the story. Why is there a need to be a conspiration in place? If there is a conspiration, it means someone is unsatisfied, which could mean just greed, but judging by Ann's behavior, there is a stronger motivation, one that would make her lord Charismatic enough for her to follow until death.

So basically, I liked it a lot, the music really adds to the atmosphere.

Very cool! Thanks for the kind words on my game :) I love that you added music.

Some feedback, I couldn't always tell which character was speaking, but it wasn't very distracting.

Fun submission!

@Corvidae: There's no "perfectly-right answer" to the meaning of HCF. It's ok to guess! :)

Excellent atmosphere. I felt the cover image, audio, and text worked together well. I don't know what it means.

@antstiller and @Snoother: Thanks, guys!

Hi! I really liked your Twinyjam entry. The music enhances the mood of the story perfectly.


That sense of choice for the kill is somewhat empowering and terrifying. I played through 3 times to see how you handled that. Nice wok.

And finally, thanks for your kind words on Whisper. I'll answer you question about it back there as well but yes, that "word" is deliberately all-black. You can click on it to read the final line of the story.

God, that music really is effective. Aesthetically, it's good, maybe could have some slightly dramatic effects on the whole execution bit, but the mood is clear and effective. I'll be pondering what I think HCF means for a while, I think.

(I replied to your question on my page, but I'll just copy and paste it here for convenience's sake:

And about the audio. I simply did as you tried: zipped up the audio with the html file and it all worked. I have encountered some audio lag problems with twine in other cases, so perhaps the audio was simply delayed it starting? Sorry I can't be of more help.)

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