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sorry about that- novelty is a defunct/discontinued program; it was in beta around up until its last update in Dec. 2010 as far as i can tell. the game just barely works on my own computer (Windows 8.1) with some bugs, though that might be because i also had the program installed. i have no idea if it'll run on Windows 10 or not if you did take the time to download it though. :(

i've been meaning to remake the Not/Yet with TyrannoBuilder or a similar program in the near-ish future as a test / possible actually fleshed story (Not/Yet is a short scene), but i have no actual ETA on when that would be. sorry friend!

Hi! So sorry about the late response! This font is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International liscense, so you can share alike and use for commercial reasons if you like! I'd love to know if you do use it in the future!

This game is really tense!! It's giving me chills even a day after I played the game! ;A; I can't imagine what HCF might mean though... alas... Good job though! I can't wait to see more things from you in the future!!

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theres technically two variations of the gf leaving, but yes. its just those endings you mentioned essentially.