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oh dang i hadn't even thought of that. thanks!

I forgot how much I missed Minesweeper, this really brought back nostalgia for me! The theme changes are also a really nice touch too!! I wish there were similar changes you could make for the numbers (different font, color, emojis, etc) but it doesn't take away from how fun the game is. Great job!!

Haunted House Hustle is a combination drawing/roleplay tabletop game where you and your friends make haunted houses, and try to sell them to the public! Everyone creates the rooms of the houses- beautiful, desirable real estate gold combined with dreadful supernatural disasters. Then try to convince the attendants of your open house that those otherworldy horrors are worth ignoring for them to realize this really is their dream home! This game was inspired by party games like "Tee KO" & "Bidiots" from the Jackbox series, and offers options for those who can't / don't want to draw.

There are two upcoming features this month for the game: an audio track of the game's contents, and a free quick-play deck of pre-made cards in case you want to get to the roleplay/ want to circulate in new concepts.

There are also free copies available for those who can't currently afford the game, or want to take a peek before buying. Please let me know what you think!

I'm glad you liked it!! ❤❤

I claimed a community copy of this game, but fully intend on paying for this game when I can. 

Wretched and Depraved hurts, it really fucking hurts and I loved the catharsis from it. I grew up with a complicated relationship to Christianity and Sam really nails how complex it can be, especially in the later years. I originally came into this game expecting to hate playing as a pastor trying to reconnect with an estranged family. The more I played though, the deeper I fell into a more complex web of empathy and pity and disgust for the character I was playing. So pretty much the postChristian-but-not-athiest experience.

I also appreciated this game on the basis that it's really hard to find content that deeply, truly understands Christianity has been, and is currently, a tool for oppression and abuse without getting into "it's dumb to believe in God" territory. The deconstruction here is insightful and really thought out. I definitely see myself revisiting this again.

IMO, the optional Bible mechanic really completes the game.

Battlefield Lovers rules! It's an extremely raw, intimate game, the kind I think about playing a lot but falter in trying to find the right fit. It handles its themes- war, grief, passion, dire & fluid relationships- exceptionally, both eloquently and responsibly. Battlefield Lovers is now one of my most treasured games I wait to play with people. 💕💕

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The Contagion Collection is a work in progress game/zine hybrid about different forms of depersonalization, loneliness, ostracization, and making peace with it all. It's been in development for about a year and a half now, though last year I released this game and another (Buried in the Weeds) as companion pieces.

I don't have an estimation when the Contagion Collection will be out as of now, but I appreciate your interest! Also thank you again for reviewing my games! 

thank you! :D

Now THIS game is a haha funny game! This is easily the best Joker game I have ever played, and where my friends can also be Jokers.

sorry about that- novelty is a defunct/discontinued program; it was in beta around up until its last update in Dec. 2010 as far as i can tell. the game just barely works on my own computer (Windows 8.1) with some bugs, though that might be because i also had the program installed. i have no idea if it'll run on Windows 10 or not if you did take the time to download it though. :(

i've been meaning to remake the Not/Yet with TyrannoBuilder or a similar program in the near-ish future as a test / possible actually fleshed story (Not/Yet is a short scene), but i have no actual ETA on when that would be. sorry friend!

Hi! So sorry about the late response! This font is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International liscense, so you can share alike and use for commercial reasons if you like! I'd love to know if you do use it in the future!

This game is really tense!! It's giving me chills even a day after I played the game! ;A; I can't imagine what HCF might mean though... alas... Good job though! I can't wait to see more things from you in the future!!

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theres technically two variations of the gf leaving, but yes. its just those endings you mentioned essentially.