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I claimed a community copy of this game, but fully intend on paying for this game when I can. 

Wretched and Depraved hurts, it really fucking hurts and I loved the catharsis from it. I grew up with a complicated relationship to Christianity and Sam really nails how complex it can be, especially in the later years. I originally came into this game expecting to hate playing as a pastor trying to reconnect with an estranged family. The more I played though, the deeper I fell into a more complex web of empathy and pity and disgust for the character I was playing. So pretty much the postChristian-but-not-athiest experience.

I also appreciated this game on the basis that it's really hard to find content that deeply, truly understands Christianity has been, and is currently, a tool for oppression and abuse without getting into "it's dumb to believe in God" territory. The deconstruction here is insightful and really thought out. I definitely see myself revisiting this again.

IMO, the optional Bible mechanic really completes the game.