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Glad I played this, even though I feel like I've been put through the wringer. Great work! The writing style felt poetic (albeit twisted), which really suited the material.

I really like the cyclical structure. It created a sense of both disorientation and familiarity, which felt perfectly appropriate. I actually found myself wishing that my browser didn't indicate which links I had previously clicked, because then I would have felt even more lost while trying to navigate the different branches.

I really enjoyed this! Great poem selections. Bitsy feels like a perfect platform to experiment with some of your ideas about walking simulators.

The only thing missing is an underwater section featuring "The Swimmer" by Mary Oliver. Perhaps in the sequel? ;)

Yes, I played through and enjoyed it. I remember you mentioning being a fan of this series, and it's cool that you incorporated it into your first game. Looking forward to playing more of your games in the future. ^_^

@Norbez: Sure, feel free to tweet it.

Playing the game made me feel like I was performing some kind of technology-assisted process to bring Ann's views in line with a set of accepted or "approved" norms (by forcing her to either renounce her views or be killed). So in my mind, the target of HCF is the "heretic" that is being "cleansed"... seemed like an ominous enough term to fit with the tone of the game. ;)

This is genuinely creepy (in a good way). Nice work! I'll go with "Heretic Cleansing Function" as my guess for what HCF means. ;)

I enjoyed these lies. ^_^

It's a game all right. A mighty fine game! But is it ART?

˙sı ʇı 'sǝʎ :ɐ

Nice work!