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Your own spaceship!? What are you going to do with it?
Submitted by deecity (@cityofdee) — 5 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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It was very fun to try out different combinations and see what kinds of ships I could create. How many possibilities are there? o.o


Oh yes, this is delightful. You could easily expand it, yet at the same time the small number of options makes it easily to get a handle on...more might be overwhelming. Certainly, though, I think you could add more configurations. Like, what would a ship with minimal thrusters and support but 10 extra power be used for? :)


Thanks Porpentine! I actually had to scale down a lot, originally there was going to be, for instance, special components like weapons pods or sensor suites, but the logic to handle that was way too expensive in words for the jam. Cutting those things out was also a good exercise though, it felt really good to focus on one small mechanic.

I lurve your games by the way.


wow i was thinking about making a game like this! i love rearranging numbers and seeing what kind of ship comes up, an expanded version would be really interesting