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Submitted by Porpentine (@slimedaughter) — 8 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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@Porpentine: I love that. She does seem very nice.

Also, in the end, isn't it a triple pun? S-moth-ered.


thanks christina! the mom part is definitely intended as well - dual role maternal pun elemental! =)


Well, sure, it's a pun...But I found myself wondering what sort of world the character lives in where they are cared for by a moth-er. Am I thinking about it too deeply?

Anyway, I am unsettled by moths...


I've enjoyed all your games so far (as far as I can recall), and this is no exception. Smart pun/concept/idea (I think I did a double take when I got it), and strikes a balance between "sweet" and "surreal". Very light and simple, but I think it'll stay with me for a long time.

@Chaoseed: Think of it as a pun. In the world of this game, a "moth-er" isn't a female parent; it's the one who creates moths.


Unsettling. But it really leaves you with a feeling of "WHAT could have led to this point???".

(At one point I figured it was all a sort of 'abstraction', like...the 'kitchen' and 'bedroom' are just areas in a beehive and the 'player' is actually a larva. I suspect that's not the case...)