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Cool, thank you for your reply.

Tropes Jam community · Created a new topic Question: Medium

First of all, really love this jam, it's a great concept. Do contributions have to be tabletop RPGs, or are computer games allowed?

Very nice graphics (especially the castle in the background), and good sound effects. Most importantly for this genre, gameplay is addictive and the mechanic is original enough not to feel like a clone of any other Tetris-alike that I've played. I found the music a bit dull, but it's not bad, certainly better than anything I could compose. I'll probably keep coming back to this one a few times and see how far I can get.

Thank you very much for playing! I realise it wasn't much of a game, but frankly I'm just proud to have something even faintly playable within the size limits of the jam.

A hint if you're having problems:


try doing something with the serpent's nostrils.

Note: can be played online here

A bare-bones walkthrough is here

I'm amazed at how much you were able to do with Bitsy here. Great puzzle implementation, nice visuals, and a great atmosphere.

Really good writing, and the "ghosts" have nice designs.

Cool. Thanks for responding so quickly!

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but I couldn't find any contact details: is output text that the player will read (e.g. "You are in a dark hallway") included in the character limit?
I totally understand if it is; just want to be certain.

The deaths were a minor problem. Thank you for your response!

Absolutely brilliant use of Bitsy graphics, both in terms of attractiveness and how they change according to the plot. While the music isn't yours, it fits the mood perfectly. I found the writing a bit ponderous and melodramatic, but then again, that arguably fits the Gothic/Romantic concept. Still, even if the writing style wasn't too my liking, the text does a good job conveying the creative process. Thank you for making this; playing it was a great experience.

I haven't played a lot of Bitsy games, but yours is certainly the most atmospheric I've played so far. The music is excellent, and you've got a lot of mileage out of the Bitsy graphics. Great use of colour and font effects. I wasn't too fond of the unexpected deaths; just stopping you from leaving the town until you've checked in at the inn/met Jonathan would be enough. All in all, very atmospheric adaptation despite its simple graphics.

Very good story. The wording felt a bit meandering at the start, but it was really well written. Powerful premise.

Very good minimalistic horror. Managed to freak me out. (I enjoyed your game Itch as well.)

Nice, pretty well-written adventure with many different endings. I had fun finding them all.

The ending screens were my favourite part.

Very good retelling of a rather scary part of the Old Testament, and the sound effects made it intense. Non-interactive, but I'm not going to complain about that, any more than I complain about films being non-interactive. My only complaint is that it took a very long time for new text to appear; I often wondered whether I'd reached the end or whether there was more to come.

That's a nitpick. This is a very high-quality work.

That's excellent! I'm always impressed when people create this type of more RPG-like games in platforms like Twine, and this one is fairly in-depth (or at least seems to be, which is what counts) and well-written in its sparse way. I might come back and play this again later.

I love it. Both challenging and evocatively written, in such a short format as well. One of my absolute faves in this competition, and strongly recommended to everyone.

@Porpentine: I love that. She does seem very nice.

Also, in the end, isn't it a triple pun? S-moth-ered.

OK, this is seriously hard to review without spoiling, but there was that one moment when I knew exactly what the next line was going to be, and my breath stuck in my throat.

If you've played it, you'll know the bit I'm talking about.

A lot of people should play this. This is what a pro-men's rights work *should* look like.

Great writing and excellent use of effects. Really makes you recoil from clicking, because you know what's going to happen.

Forgot to say, very good music as well.

Great concept and great writing.

Excellent writing skills on display here. Not very interactive, but a good story that made me think.

Very good writing (the ending made me feel a bit emotional), and fairly high interactivity. I like how every ending had a link looping back to the start.

I quite enjoyed this. I kept falling for it, too...

Damn, that's depressing. I cared so much for those little guys. Still, I don't regret playing.

I've never played a Twine game where you can click on different images to proceed. Very interesting work.

Great use of Twine to make a more puzzley game of sorts. In fact, pretty much everything about this game is great: the writing, the visual effects, the retro sensibility.

I've enjoyed all your games so far (as far as I can recall), and this is no exception. Smart pun/concept/idea (I think I did a double take when I got it), and strikes a balance between "sweet" and "surreal". Very light and simple, but I think it'll stay with me for a long time.

@Chaoseed: Think of it as a pun. In the world of this game, a "moth-er" isn't a female parent; it's the one who creates moths.

This made me sad. I really sympathised with the PC, and the writing is very sweet.

Very realistic cat behaviour, and Sabriel is beautiful.

This is probably the entry I enjoyed most (so far, at least). Beautiful writing, and the puzzle is great: essentially an exploration puzzle, but one that requires you to understand the dream-logic of the world. I'm extremely impressed and a bit envious.

Great short horror game with nice use of graphical elements. (slight spoilers ahead) The ending is shocking without being gratuitous.

This may be the entry that impressed me the most. Really simple, and the battles got a bit samey towards the end (though not enough so to make me stop playing), but I'm just impressed someone did this in Twine. Very good work, kudos!

I've never actually played "EarthBound", but I know enough about it to get the references. Nice, pleasant tribute.

@Chaoseed: Thanks! I actually wouldn't mind expanding this idea into a rather larger game. My original idea included a lot of other things to create, like more rooms and NPCs, but that ended up going way over the wordcount.