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I made Armada, yeah. I use Twitter, Tumblr, etc, you can find the links on my profile.

i don't do content warnings but it probably contains every possible trigger. good luck!

thank you!! panic attacks feel so fucking bad. i'm flattered! ❣️

if i could pick a one line serious weakness review that would be it
thank you <3

i responded elsewhere but thank you so much, loved reading this review 💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥

thank you!! i agree, i would love to visit a 4x2 Water Tiles and 4x1 Grass Tiles one day... 🤩

<333 thank you!!  what a beautiful picture...congrats on your brocom+ melon balling 🩸🩸🩸🍉

like remembering a dream...i understand. that's very sweet, yay 🐛🌌

i remember that conversation, it was very encouraging early on after finishing the book. thank you <3

thanks for the review :] yeah i made it a very long time ago but it's fun trying to beat the levels quickly, i tried to make them as tight as possible. good job to your little brother! squish da eyebawl!!!

thank you, i forgot i made this so it was nice to read it with zero recollection and be like oh this is actually pretty funny lol. thanks for playing 💜

thanks so much <333 yeahghhb getting swampy with it!!!! :D

that's beautiful, thank you. it is so nice to find the hard secret things, glad you could keep going. 💜

thank you 💜🖤💚

I'm glad that texture could be there for you. I was fairly psychotic when I wrote it, so that makes sense. thanks for reading and sharing what it meant to you 💜

pacing around sleeves rolled up smoking those yaoi cigs!! loved this review, thank you 💜

i'm very moved it could affect you so deeply. thank you 💜

glad time can bring this warm comfort. thank you <3

what a fun way to find my stuff. it can be so hard to discover new things on the astroturfed net, so finding something one genuinely likes through a random search feels even more special. thank you for stopping by <3

i've never played runescape but i'm a runescape ally. thank you for absorbing our travelogue! 🗺️😋

thank you! when i was really small i would squish playdo into tiny pawns of people. nothing has changed... 🦠🦂

This made me really happy, like writing it was really worth it. I understand, it's so hard to find something that hits just right, most media leaves me so listless like what's the point…

Horrible/hot/heartbreaking, the three H's of antiquity...that's exactly how I'd want someone to feel after reading it. Thanks for writing,  I will keep making sharp objects <3

that's amazing!! thank you thank you!! a million or no, it always feels as nice as if it were the first time! i hope you enjoy Serious Weakness too 💜💜💜

thank you so much, such a beautiful reaction!! 💜 thanks for suffering the passion of it. my soul is refueled! 💉✨🦟

yeah I haven't touched the doc since the game came out, it's all random people

that makes me happy! my brain is full of bees too (and wasps mosquitos flies), so i try to make each sentence count. thank you so much :D

it's so hard to find the material in this world, one can starve for it, with all these empty calories. "messed up in the only way that's made me feel like i'm not" yeah...writing it was like making a bubble that got me through a hard year when everything else was unbreathable. a little something for the extremophiles....

and thank you! may you be seen, hopefully with less physical trauma <3

this week I released my first novel with perhaps some overlap of themes although I should warn much much darker and crueler than low kill shelter, not for everyone. in 2023 I'll release more novellas. thank you! 🙇‍♀️

that's one of my favorite ways I've heard someone describe my writing <3 this delicate balance…moss and mold amid the brutalism

yes, ero is infinitely deep and powerful to me, even more so because intimacy and romance is seen as inferior to write about…but for me the best stories happen in the debased places. thank you for this really lovely and encouraging review


this is one of the few games I made that can't be full-screened unfortunately, it has a retro design. i think most OS have the option to hide desktop icons though (View>Show desktop icons on Windows for example)

thank you!  open options.rpy and search "style.default.font". "config.window_title" will change the title

wow, lookit em go...really worming thru! thanks for showing me 8)

lots of things can be true at the same time ♎🌄

thank you yonkbonkers!! happy xmas! 🙏💥💉

yeah!! 🐗🤘 it's nice to share nostalgias. i like going back and looking at old stuff that was in my periphery but not directly experienced...

thanks for reading!! bow wow wow!!

thank you so much! 😊 yeah it was kind of crazy doing this in bitsy, i was lucky to know a good ordinatrice, and good musickers! a good place to die!

haha a good description. thank you!!