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Well, it's "generally suspected not to be NP-complete", Wikipedia has a citation. I guess if you proved that it is or is not NP-complete, that would be a significant result...

How could this be the "best free game" when it asks me for $2?

Yes, but that would require...actually designing a user interface...ahem, anyway glad you liked it!

Yes. Hmmm...🤔

Well that sounds...nightmarish.

When is the deadline?

Yes! Indeed! Thank you. ;)

Very nice! I like that you decided on a scope and stuck to it, heh. It plays well, the graphics are cute. "Destroying" food is oddly satisfying. It sort of gave me the feeling of those old LCD games, you know. I almost want it to be full monochrome to really take advantage of that retro feeling, but it's up to you, ;) But yeah, great work!

I hate to say it but...I really don't know what to do? There are upgrades, but I don't have enough whatever to upgrade them; these guys come out, but I don't know how to attack them or...Is it tower defense? Should I buy a tower, or try to kill them myself? And anyway what are the controls? I used the arrow keys but I have no idea what else does stuff...

This is pretty fun! It took some playing to figure out...I would have liked to see some basic instructions so I could jump into the action sooner. I like all the weird level features, admittedly a lot of them seem to come from Sonic, but as we all know imitation is how games get made! It has a cool semi-cute-semi-horror aesthetic, the tunes are good too. There were a few bits where it almost seemed more like Tony Hawk than Sonic, which in my view is good, since a bit of variety in the gameplay is a good thing. That brings me to my next point; is the idea to collect all the souls? Then you could make it a puzzle to go through the level and find all of them; this would contrast with a purely Sonic-type game where you just try to get through to the end.

I guess there are a lot of different ways you could expand this game. I think it'd be cool to see it develop!

Thanks for playing! Any ideas how to get past that? There should be hints. ;)

Whoa, this is kind of amazing! I have to admit, it took me a while to figure out what even to do. I was kind of wandering back and forth, shooting stuff...then I started shooting myself upward and it was like "Oh...OHHHHH OKAY". Then it got pretty crazy, in a good way. It plays smooth, the animation is great; the white-red pixel-y graphics are pretty cool. I liked how each of the weapons felt different. The boss was pretty impressive too!

One thing that kinda bothered me is that when you die, it's not even obvious. I mean, I understand wanting to get right back to the action, that's great. However, there was this confusing moment of "What happened? Where did I go? Did I die? Do I even have health?". Just something to telegraph what happened, like a special sound, or something. Also, something kinda weird happened; I was fighting the boss, and I died (I think), and suddenly it got into this state where the boss was pushed up to the top of the screen, and I was stuck right above it. I didn't lose health, but all I could do was keep shooting, and this eventually defeated the boss. Odd.

Still though, those are minor problems for an impressive effort!

This is a cool and interesting game...I very much like the graphics, the aesthetic, all that. It seems pretty creepy, which is nice. Maybe the text could use some editing, but that's a minor thing...

My real problem with it was that while there were hints of creepiness, it wasn't clear what I should DO. I got a bunch of stuff from the apartment—was any of it necessary? I found a box where I could store an item—but why would I do that? I was killed(?) by a bug—then I had to start all over, I think?

I just felt like there should be a more explicit goal, or subgoals, things to work toward...some feeling like I was making progress.

(Also there doesn't seem to be any way to quit the game, I resorted to Alt+F4. Of course, poking at keys I noticed that F2 brings up some sort of console!)

Anyway, if you do more work on it I'll be interested in trying it out again. ;)

This is pretty well done! The graphics are great, the music is really nice too. The people you got to talk to near the beginning were fun. Exploring was fun too, although after a point it was like "ANOTHER room?". (And, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but in the very beginning it took me a while to figure out that I had to jump into the...teleporter, I guess?)

I'll have to echo what everyone is saying about the jetpack; you have to jump twice with one hand, then control your movement with the other hand. So you are sort of mentally switching between states, and it's a bit confusing...Especially when you accidentally land on a platform and you realize that moving WASD is not making you fly around any more! I guess the point I'm getting that is that there are two modes of movement that you switch between, and it's hard to keep track of that. And on top of that, the weapon is kind of nonstandard and tricky to operate...which is not necessarily bad, but...

Anyway, you obviously did a lot of work already, I think it could become something pretty special if you polish it some more!

Nice, very playable! Once you start getting the angels in, you have to start doing some chess-like strategy. My only real complaint is that when you die, you have to go all the way through all the easy levels again, heh...

This is very nice, you did a good job of creating a world. I actually got interested in the characters! The gameplay is good, though it's pretty tough! It might be easier with two people at the same keyboard, heh...But you did a great job of getting together all the graphics, sound and gameplay (the main character's animations are particularly impressive).

Cute! Simple, but it gets its idea across well. It'll be interesting to see it develop!

Somehow it doesn't work in never quite seems to load, just stays at a gray screen. I had to play it in Chrome. Strange...

This was pretty great, though! The atmosphere is wonderful. I love the graphics and the way things explode into little shreds. I love the blocky shapes of the levels that represent stuff in the story...The story itself has a great tragic Japanese samurai ghost story feel. The gameplay is great too, it gets pretty chaotic with all those knives flying around! And I like how the knife powerups help get those last few blocks when you get near the end of the level.

Great job!

I eventually got it to work, and I got to the point where he actually "sends" things at me. That was actually fun, but also difficult...and Scissors rarely seems to work, very often it gets interpreted as one of the other symbols...

(Also, after four or five symbols, things just kinda stop...Is there a way to get back to the screen where I choose more opponents or something?)

Believe me, I know about not having time to implement features!

This is a pretty cool idea, and the graphics are great! However...I'm not sure how playable it is, actually. Just that level with the platforms over the spikes, it's really difficult! How about something like... in one 'world' there are spikes, in the other you just jump for no reasons...There have been games that have done this concept and done it well, so maybe if you work on it it'll become something really cool. Because honestly as it is, I just can't get very far...

This is adorable! The graphics are great, the music is great too. The gameplay is kind of simple, but that's all right. The only things that bothered me were, first of all, that you have only one "life" and then things are over; it seems kind of arbitrary and unforgiving. And second, what I'd really like is to hear some audio cues when you hit the right keys, like the music changing for a moment. Other than that, though, great job!

Hmmm, I like the graphics and music a lot, and I like how you made up the symbols for the three things. But, unfortunately, I don't know if it's a bug or just me, but I CANNOT make a > symbol! I've tried half a dozen times and the trainer just says "No, that's not what I showed you!". I really don't know what criteria I'm failing on...

Nice animation and movement, seems like a good start!

This is superb! The graphics are adorable, I especially love the waves and the parallax background in the second stage. The powerups are great, too. The gameplay is nice; starts out simple but it does get difficult!

There were only a couple of things that bothered me. First, is there a point to crouching? Or maybe I mean, is the best strategy just to crouch ALL the time? Also, when the enemies shoot at you, their shots are usually very small and difficult to see. And finally, when you lose all your health, you just kinda go off the screen for a bit...That's fine, but personally I'd like some sort of animation to let the player know what's going on.

I think for a jam game, though, you did a pretty great job!

That was absolutely amazing. Playing through it, it seems nonsensical, but at the end you see how it all fit together. (Sort of, I mean it's still nuts) I actually got the good ending. I think.

The graphics and animations are great; I also loved how there were enough hints to push you along through the game. I was also very amused by how each of the sins were implemented in the game. Great job!

It's a little tough to figure out without instructions, but it IS playable, so that's good! Seems like a solid idea, it'd be cool to see it expanded!

That's a very good question. However...with no other information available, I'd guess just think about the title of the jam. Games that would weird someone out, maybe?

I feel like I've played a dozen of these games over my lifetime, heh. (Usually it's ICY FLOORS!) It works well, though, and the game IS pretty cute!

I noticed that the "R" button restarts the level. It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the instructions, but it's important. ;)

First of all, I noticed that there's nothing that says "this runs on Windows"; I think you need to set some option on to make sure that shows up.

Anyway, this is pretty great! The little "OS" presentation is perfect. The main puzzle type is pretty original, I don't think I've ever seen it before. The character is sympathetic, and I loved how you eventually had to go "outside", that was very well done. I THINK I finished it, at least it seemed like there was an ending. You know, if you expanded the story and added more puzzles, you might be able to sell this...or you could just keep it as this little experience. Great job!

It's wild that you started with "samurai" and came up with a bullet hell version of the old Warrior arcade game! I love old arcade style vector graphics like this, and the gameplay is simple enough, but it quickly gets crazy. Great job!

I hadn't even realized the shield-guys were vulnerable at all. I did get past that part, and up to the boss. (Wow that's a lot of health!) The more I play, the more interesting I find the "hovering"; like, you can't jump far enough to jump over a monster, but you can jump and hover to let it pass under you.

The other interesting thing is, the way the game plays, it seems to encourage you to move slowly, pull one or two enemies at a time, basically be cautious. I don't know if that was intended or merely emergent. ;)

Very nice! Good graphics, fine sound, very playable gameplay! Starts off easy, but it gets difficult. I have to admit I can't make it past the part just after the console that says "You're getting pretty good at this". (Ha, ha ha...) I feel like the plant/fruit thing is a little tacked on, in terms of motivations...still, the "greening" animation is very satisfying.

This game is kinda tough! I mean, after playing about 10 minutes, dying a couple times, I was able to get up to the bit with the shield-skeletons. That seems almost impossible, since you can't be on the ground, you can't be in the middle because of the jumping ones, you can't be on the top with the zombies...I dunno, maybe it's not TOTALLY unfair though!

Anyway the graphics are adorable, the gameplay is really nice. The music is cool. And the shoot-hovering thing seems like it could open up some interesting gameplay possibilities. Great job!

Totally weird. Once I figured out what was going on, it seemed pretty straightforward...except that the real difficulty lays in pressing the key as quickly as possible WITHOUT going "over"!

I really like the battery graphics, by the way.

This game is really well made!...Although honestly I'm not sure it was a very good idea to begin with. Sure, the cat is cute, but ultimately the whole thing is just an exercise of frustration. The platforming seems to involve big jumps that you really need to be careful on, but I can't really get past them before the cat jumps down...and ultimately it just started going to sleep over and over, so I guess the game is over now?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool that you made the game...because experimentation is good. You try out ideas and sometimes you find out they're bad, but that's all right. ;)

"You saved the world!" Actually a pretty interesting game! First it's Flappy Bird, then it's something different, then it becomes more of an idle game...each 'phase' of the game kinda gave me a different feeling, which is cool. It really WAS kind of difficult to figure out how to "get started", though...

That was kind of unsettling...

After about two clicks I could predict the entire game.

Which is not to say it's bad, it's pretty funny. ;)

Though, I don't feel like I'm being treated like an adult...More like an idiot. :P

Short, but a complete experience.

I feel I have to ask, is it based on actual Ediths? ;)