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Totally weird. Once I figured out what was going on, it seemed pretty straightforward...except that the real difficulty lays in pressing the key as quickly as possible WITHOUT going "over"!

I really like the battery graphics, by the way.

This game is really well made!...Although honestly I'm not sure it was a very good idea to begin with. Sure, the cat is cute, but ultimately the whole thing is just an exercise of frustration. The platforming seems to involve big jumps that you really need to be careful on, but I can't really get past them before the cat jumps down...and ultimately it just started going to sleep over and over, so I guess the game is over now?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool that you made the game...because experimentation is good. You try out ideas and sometimes you find out they're bad, but that's all right. ;)

"You saved the world!" Actually a pretty interesting game! First it's Flappy Bird, then it's something different, then it becomes more of an idle game...each 'phase' of the game kinda gave me a different feeling, which is cool. It really WAS kind of difficult to figure out how to "get started", though...

That was kind of unsettling...

After about two clicks I could predict the entire game.

Which is not to say it's bad, it's pretty funny. ;)

Though, I don't feel like I'm being treated like an adult...More like an idiot. :P

Short, but a complete experience.

I feel I have to ask, is it based on actual Ediths? ;)

This made me feel kinda sad...

I wish I had friends I could message.


First of all, very nice presentation, with the grass and the font and everything. There's not much "to" it, but each possibility makes you feel something interesting!

The idea is genius (and the execution is great too). The terse, possibly unreliable, often incomprehensible messages are just enough to conjure insane vistas of something in your head.

Well, sure, it's a pun...But I found myself wondering what sort of world the character lives in where they are cared for by a moth-er. Am I thinking about it too deeply?

Anyway, I am unsettled by moths...

Neat. I'm amazed you managed it in 300 words!

I agree, you did a great job of evoking your world with the text you had.

Painful to read.

(Which is what you were going for, I think, so good work.)

Surprising sense of futility from this game...

I thought I understood, but it all got weird at the end there.

Good job, though. ;)

That was kind of silly. It's always nice to visit 'west of a white house', though. ;)

I don't really know what that was about, but it made me think about stuff...I guess I'd say it made me think about intimacy. I'm not sure I reached any solid conclusions, but it was interesting. So, I'd say you did a good job. ;)

Like a gamebook pared down to its most basic essence. Good job!

Weird, but interesting. I love the 80s aesthetic and the bits from old anime (I'd love to know the sources). It felt like it gave me a complete experience, even though I wasn't able to see everything. That's a pretty good accomplishment!


If you stay at the Inn, you lose your flower.

I'm not 100% sure of the justification for this (other than "only 300 words"). Maybe you put it in a vase and it wilts overnight. Or it's a metaphor for something. Up to you!

I can't really wrap my head around what's going on. I mean, it's certainly evocative, but kind of unsatisfying...After a while I want a sort of "Okay, you went through enough stuff, now you get to know what's going on"...

Neat. I'd like to see this idea expanded a bit further, outside the limitations of the Jam. Like, what if the player could actually defeat the Needleman with the pig feed? Come on, stupid player!

It leaves you with an odd feeling, as well as a bunch of questions like: What happened? Is it a metaphor for something? Should I feel good about "winning"?

It also reminds me of Andrew Plotkin's "Shade", just a little. Which is a compliment. ;)

Neat. It's been a while since I used Gray codes. ;)

Unsettling. But it really leaves you with a feeling of "WHAT could have led to this point???".

(At one point I figured it was all a sort of 'abstraction', like...the 'kitchen' and 'bedroom' are just areas in a beehive and the 'player' is actually a larva. Although...now I suspect that's not the case...)

Oh yes, this is delightful. You could easily expand it, yet at the same time the small number of options makes it easily to get a handle on...more might be overwhelming. Certainly, though, I think you could add more configurations. Like, what would a ship with minimal thrusters and support but 10 extra power be used for? :)

It makes you go "Huh". Which, in my opinion, is good!


"itch.io refinery is a customizable toolset made for developers to distribute their unfinished games, build a real community and gain useful feedback." All right, that sounds good. "We think early access is broken"...Wow, what? Did you just insult all the great games I've bought and enjoyed on Steam Early Access? Is it really that important to position yourselves as jerks?