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First of all, I noticed that there's nothing that says "this runs on Windows"; I think you need to set some option on to make sure that shows up.

Anyway, this is pretty great! The little "OS" presentation is perfect. The main puzzle type is pretty original, I don't think I've ever seen it before. The character is sympathetic, and I loved how you eventually had to go "outside", that was very well done. I THINK I finished it, at least it seemed like there was an ending. You know, if you expanded the story and added more puzzles, you might be able to sell this...or you could just keep it as this little experience. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback!  It sounds like you got to the ending based on your comment about going "outside" -- glad you made it that far :) (Also I appreciate the mindfulness of spoilers). I'll definitely be expanding on this and will be doing some work to make the overall arc and that ending transition more smooth.