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I really appreciated a lot about this, especially the awesome fat protagonist! The long pages were a little intimidating, especially the first one which has so many links to descriptive passages. It took me a long time to get through that page and I got a little restless. Some Twine games break up long pieces of text into many passages, so you only give the reader a small chunk to read at any given time and it's more approachable - that might be effective if you create another game like this.

There were also a few places where it seems like you were prepared to offer a choice but (I assume) didn't have a chance to implement it - like the invisibility spell. I'd really love to play a game with your writing style and characters like these where I could make more choices and explore more, even if that means the overall story has to be smaller.

Overall nice job though! I love that cover art, I can see why you wanted to build a game around it.

I just want to say that, having some familiarity with the source material - this is hilarious.

I loved this. The strict time limit is an really great mechanical expression of scarcity.

This game made me really happy, even (especially!) finding bugs. The procedural descriptions were perfect for the feeling of looking at actual cool rocks, where they're all kind of the same but also all totally different.

I really liked the structure of this, if that's the right word. Walking in a circle is a really simple but clever organizing principle for a game. I would have liked it even better without the "It's still your turn" screen between each possible goose, because that seemed to take away from the simplicity of the circle. I wonder if there's a way to do without it? (It felt like it existed for a specific reason, maybe to solve a technical challenge.)

Thanks Porpentine! I actually had to scale down a lot, originally there was going to be, for instance, special components like weapons pods or sensor suites, but the logic to handle that was way too expensive in words for the jam. Cutting those things out was also a good exercise though, it felt really good to focus on one small mechanic.

I lurve your games by the way.