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A Fool's ErrandView project page

Solo-Journaling game about the futile effort of trying to warn a king about their inevitable destruction
Submitted by Mike Free (@UselessTies) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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An interesting twist to have to both mock the petitioner while at the same time giving clues to the king! That makes it a bit more of a "puzzle" when playing this as a solo game, which is very cool.


This is a really cool game! I don't know if the repeated instructions on the second page are needed since they're fairly simple, and you might want to do a bit more proofreading just for general sentence structure, but otherwise this would make an incredible addition to Tiny Tome!


Thanks! I'll try to rearrange the instructions so they are only on page two and see if it is easier to understand/more concise. 


I think this would go perfectly in the Tiny Tome! I know really very little about solo games, but this one seems great! I love the strength of the premise, and the mechanics/prompts are fun and engaging too. 

The idea to creatively generate prompts using a deck of cards seems super fun, so props to you for going with such a mechanic. Doesn’t hurt that most households already have a pile of cards in their games drawer!

Despite having a rather specific premise, I can imagine this going quite differently each time it’s played, leading to replay value and- I’m sure- no shortage of anecdotes! Thank you for submitting it, I think people will have a lot of fun with this game.


I appreciate the kind words! Thank you


Thanks for sharing! There is a bit of text at the top of page two about naming the petitioners that seems like it's repeated from page one, is this intentional? I found it a bit confusing but once I moved beyond that part I had no other issues understanding the game! 


Yeah, it was intentional. I wanted the process of drawing petitioners, determining their relation to the conspiracy, and naming any new petitioner to also be on the second page as someone would most likely be looking at while playing. Sorry for the confusion, hope you enjoy! 


Interesting concept, looks well implemented - Reminds me of a simplified Wretched and Alone system!