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Awesome, thank you! I have an analogue version of a café sim that was inspired by Rocky Chack's "The Wolf Whistling Song". I'm currently working out custom cards for it and rules for a multiplayer version, but I'll be thrilled to submit it!

Sooo the server I'm in is running a mini jam (no official jam page included) that ties into this XD Those involved each made a playlist of 3-5 songs and the playlists were randomly handed out to participants. I'm slowly chipping away at mine and can't reveal the three songs yet (we kind of want to surprise each other and they might see this jam), but I'll be happy to reveal it once we've shared!

I didn't see anything about it in the rules, so I just wanted to make sure :3 I know there is no judging or prizes, but I thought it would still be fun to get the game in in case I don't finish a new game in time.

Thank you so much for creating this! I found it through one of Raspalicious' projects today and immediately jumped.

As someone who focuses on writing and uses Canva stock art, is it okay if I emphasize in my blurb with it that the game is *written* by a real human being, with artwork through Canva?

I know Canva now has the option for ai writing, so I don't know if they allow ai art now, too >.< Though I'm definitely going to try to find out.

Beth and Angel and I submitted quite a bit, and it's being shared in my server. Hopefully we'll make it!

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It's so much fun! I already have two ideas and I'm going to try to brainstorm at least two more :3

Oh absolutely! I just got carried away with them for the 12-word RPG Jam XD So I'm trying to mix it up a bit with this one :3

I'm the Munchie who came up with the zine idea XD I'm trying to take care of a few things this week, but I can't wait to work on this next week! I'd love to make a full zine of 24 word games, and I'm going to challenge myself to *not* make them all roll tables this time ^.^;;

I teared up a bit at the description for this game. I'll have to wait until I'm in a better place financially to purchase it, but I'm very much looking forward to it <3

Long story short, as much as I'd love to create a game based on my identity within the LGBTQ+ Community, is it also okay to look at identity in the terms of culture? I'm Jewish by blood but not by practice, but I haven't really explored that aspect of my heritage. Due to political bs happening right now, it might not be the best time to do so, but I feel like this jam could be the perfect excuse to do more research into something I normally wouldn't find the time for.

So would that be included in this? Technically I doubt it would be a game only I could write since I've never really been close to that part of who I am, but, yeah.

Whatever the answer, I still really want to get something made for this, either way :3

Oh this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing 5 Second Rule!

Keep your eyes open, because we have an update ready for it, releasing in time for Halloween :3 It's not too many changes, but just a small tweak of the rules.

Thank you very much!

Absolutely happy to help! The last thing I want the jam to do is to stress folks out :3

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Yes? It'll be taken on good faith that the rules are followed, so please read through them carefully. I'll ask that the questions that come up when you submit it are answered in english, but it should be good :)

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Ah! Okay, so the temptations and virtues come down to personal interpretations of the images as well. Awesome, thank you so much for answering. I'm really looking forward to playing this game!

This looks like a lot of fun! I think I missed something though. How do you know if you face a temptation or are having a virtue tested? Does having experience mean you faced that suit before?

Wonderful, thank you very much!

I have a set of Halloween-themed bookmarks that might not have seen as much love as they could have. Would that be an acceptable submission?

If not, I'm sure I can come up with another idea :3 Just want to keep my options open.

I absolutely love this system! It is so family-friendly and easy to teach to those new to the TTRPG space (especially with those cards!), but has an entirely new depth of strategy to entice veteran players. It's also a total goldmine of inspiration for creators!

It's so rare to find a system that's diceless and cardless (other than a set of optional printouts) but can still carry the full weight of a multiplayer game. You can bet I already have a couple of games in mind for this!

You did a great job for never having made one before <3 This is my first time, too.

And I Love the idea of the sprites that are sprites!

Oh wow, I can practically see the playbooks that could be built off of this single card. It makes me wonder how the digital fae would interact with any of them ;)

I really hope folks are downloading the card to check it out. There's a back to it!

This is adorable XD I love the art, and the mechanic is nice and simple with some great humor. I also really like how great this could be for younger adventurers, encouraging chaotic fun even if they don't get what they want or a simple reroll :3

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Aww thank you! Enchanted Blend has a special place in my heart. I know I probably shouldn't keep putting it in so many different ways, but it's a lot of fun playing with the ingredients! 

Thank you very much! I admit, that part was my partner's idea and I'm so glad he suggested it :3

Okay, cool! It was probably just my sleep-fogged brain X3

It does make this fragment that much more intriguing. I admit, I'd be curious to see it implemented in a few different games >:-)

It took me a moment to understand how the target number vs number of successes work, but once I did I found this to be brilliant. Being able to turn the tables on a hunter is a great concept, and this would be the perfect addition to any game that has that scenario.

I like your aesthetics so much XD Simple and very straightforward mechanic that could lead to truly insane adventures.

This is probably my sleepy mind, but what does the x stand for in 2x and 3x? 

I admit, I didn't think much from the title, but this could be a very interesting addition to a game. It started me thinking what my own character might want tossed into the void or scrubbed clean (there are... a few things ^.^;;) I also love the lines from the sponge on the front. It does a lot to set the tone X3

The nostalgic feels are so real with this. Including the masking tape with handwritten songs on it!

I love how there's a balance between Side A and Side B. The tape could be overpowered except you really have to think about if it's really worth the risk. It's great how much oomph this could add to a game without huge long explanations. 

The part that's ripped off is so on-point, too XD

I love the style here, and there are some intriguing options for such a small space <3

I might be a bit bias, but I love the art and concepts. The updates to the original feel way more MODERN Fantasy, the art is adorable, and I totally preordered the book X3

Love the blending of modern skills and fantasy here. I also appreciate how it doesn't feel forced; there's this recognition that some fantasy skills would still be useful if just given a more modern name. I found myself picking out what skills I'd want for my character XD

I love this fragment! It's great for encouraging creativity, absolutely accessible to all ages, and can easily be scaled up or down for different strengths. Simple yet incredible concept <3 

That definitely fits! In fact, it sounds like you hit on a few different tropes and a mechanic to better encourage players into their own shonen anime 🥰

Oh I love those moments! Especially when it's drawn out *just* enough to keep you guessing for a bit. Iirc, Dr. Stone did a great same-episode version of this in the first season or so all the time :3

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So I want to try something small first to get a real feel for the system. As I mentioned in chat, though, the unique flexibility of crunch has me wondering if this is the system my partner and I have been searching for to use on a project that's very dear to us.

The elevator pitch is a handful of elemental kitsune trying to change their society- and possibly save the world. Partner even came up with a great idea for pool caps and roll caps based on the number of tails.

I still need to finish rereading the system, but some ideas that have come to mind include tea growing (thanks for that idea XD), superheros, and something something micro wizards.

Is anyone else super excited?

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Thank you so much for the interest! I hope you and your kids have a lot of fun!

You nailed it! Even that they're guidelines, not hard rules. We tried to break it up so the different types of rolls have an equal chance to be used, but don't want creativity to be squashed. So if your group happens to find a way to use Resources instead, like luring the beavers downriver so they can build their dam where it doesn't affect your water supply, that's great too. It'll ultimately be up to the GM to decide if it's a good replacement roll.

Oh, there are many different ways! The best thing I can recommend is hacking a lightweight game. I just submitted "I Fell Into an Isekai Once", which is a fun system to hack. I also recommend Honey Heist, Lasers and Feelings, Tunnel Goons, or 24xx. They're all open source :)