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Thanks for the really fun write up/playthrough! Wild that you didn't draw a single spade. Your poor jester didn't stand a chance

Fishblade is a story rich experience that takes the corpse of all TTRPGs and wears it, like some kind of weird body puppet. With industry defining clapping mechanics you can "clap back" at all your enemies. Walk the path, but not with legs, with fins or something.

I am in no way claiming this is a TTRPG (well not actually) so this is absolutely fair. 

Yeah go for it!

Just finished reading the SRD, thinking of throwing my years of retail experience at this with a game where players are clerks at their local grocery store.

I love the physical nature of this game. I don't know enough about knots to know how likely a rope would break, but I love the idea.

I appreciate the kind words! Thank you

Thanks! I'll try to rearrange the instructions so they are only on page two and see if it is easier to understand/more concise. 

nice, can't wait to see it

This is a cool concept, I just wish there was more. If you ever have the time I'd love to see this game with a full scenario.

There's so much energy in this game. The prompts, imagery, and even the little eyes work nicely to make a pensive and powerful atmosphere

The fact that you were able to pack so much onto a single page while still being coherent is impressive. This is a fantastic hex crawl

I feel like this hits The Quiet Year ratio of "prompting players / leaving space." Well done

I'm a huge wrestling mark and I'm excited to see how this game actually plays out.

I think the big challenge of designing a 1-page RPG is providing a strong concept that an impromptu group of people can latch onto and have just enough rules that they can carry themselves towards the execution of the game. I think that is something you nailed here.

There's a real elegance to the simplicity of this game that I enjoy. This is not a game whose rules yell at the player to follow procedure. This is a game that invites players to relax and enjoy their time as their leisure, in sync with the game's theme.

The best game inspired by Batman Forever since the fighting game by Acclaim. This is an actual work of art and can't wait to try it out.

Yeah, it was intentional. I wanted the process of drawing petitioners, determining their relation to the conspiracy, and naming any new petitioner to also be on the second page as someone would most likely be looking at while playing. Sorry for the confusion, hope you enjoy! 

This game is delightfully stupid in all the ways that brings a smile to my face. I love it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I tend to spend extra time putting in details as well when playing journaling games.

I'm into the space this creates to be reflective 

Between the abundance of puns and the 00s rollerrink carpet design in the background this hits my humor point blank. I love it

Give me Rusty Lake vibes in all the right ways

This actually gets at the heart of the "business card" concept that I enjoy, which is, a game that I can imagine being played at a convention. I love the idea of seeing this game spread in a single space. 

Out of all of the cards this one is probably my favorite looking. For me, this is something that pops out