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This is beautiful! And at the low low price of only pay if you can, it's quite literally a steal...

Thank you!! That really means a lot! Regarding doing my research, I've only read the intro adventure in the rulebook. I've honestly yet to properly dig into The Cave of Our Ancestors, though I love the concept!

I’m thinking of converting my dungeon for use with the Primal Quest ruleset! Is that something you’d be interested in seeing? And if so, do you have any specific tips as to what to look out for when doing the conversions, or anything to say regarding PQ’s specific idiosyncrasies?

Hey! I was just wondering if it was only games that were allowed, or if you would also consider supplements, inspiration or the like.

Nice work on these!! I love the aesthetic and consistently eEEvil theme colours!

Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it. It was originally designed for a ‘one-page RPG’ jam, so I intentionally put all the important rules together onto a single page, then put the flavour tables into a separate optional document. You raise a good point though- if I ever revisit this I’ll probably combine them.

Honestly I’m just excited to see them in your awesome book! (Oh- and Evlyn’s halfling picture is super cute!)

This is a really interesting little system you’ve created! I’d love to try it out and see how it plays some time when I get the chance. I think you’ve also got the flavour perfect- it gets me fired up to play as a bumbling shiphand! I also like that you’ve kept the premise very specific.

One thing that you could perhaps add in an ‘expanded edition’ further down the line is a GM section. Perhaps you could have random prompt tables for the complications/endings/goals/etc? Overall, great work! I’m looking forward to more haha

I think this would go perfectly in the Tiny Tome! I know really very little about solo games, but this one seems great! I love the strength of the premise, and the mechanics/prompts are fun and engaging too. 

The idea to creatively generate prompts using a deck of cards seems super fun, so props to you for going with such a mechanic. Doesn’t hurt that most households already have a pile of cards in their games drawer!

Despite having a rather specific premise, I can imagine this going quite differently each time it’s played, leading to replay value and- I’m sure- no shortage of anecdotes! Thank you for submitting it, I think people will have a lot of fun with this game.

This game is super cute. It combines the imagination of roleplaying games with the artistic element of goofy games I loved as a kid, like Exquisite Corpse or Art Telephone. I think you could also use it as a tool to come up with some really interesting sci-fi character designs haha

I think the main issue I can see arising is that the repetitive coin tosses after you start playing might feel a bit… like they don’t give players agency? I’m not sure how to change that. Perhaps by adding a game master role, or a list of scenario prompts, you could make things feel a bit more interesting, and help people weave a story around their doomed robot characters haha

Overall great work though! It’s a cute game that combines ideas in a fun and unique way!

This must be the cutest piece of magical-education-themed media I've ever seen!

This game and campaign-worldbuilding tool is tabletop roleplaying at its most pure. The whole game basically just amounts to a group of friends sitting down to tell a story together, which is an activity any nerd should adore. There are some wonderfully creative prompts and a preloaded story structure to help guide people’s imaginations.

There’s also a world implied by the tiny scraps of lore the prompts hand out. While it should be familiar to anybody who ever fantasised about attending a certain school of magic when they were a child, it feels new, and provides enough gaps that it begs to be explored and filled in by the players.

I think the purity of the storytelling element is what my inner child loves most about this. There are no pesky mechanics to get in the way of the make-believe; the story players want to tell. I look forward to seeing more in this vein, perhaps each with their own unique world!

I fell in love with the setting for this as soon as I read it. It’s amazing how much flavour you’ve managed to pack into such a compact game!

Aside from some wording issues that might call for another proofreading pass and/or some GM fiat, the mechanics are solid and simple, as they should be for a lightweight campaign engine. The nested character options are fun, and I like their mix of mechanics, roleplaying boons and worldbuilding tidbits.

To be honest, I’ve never wanted to dive into a world and start adventuring so badly, so genuine props to you for that. (Though I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I’m a massive nerd for grunge sci-fi and retro futures)

Thank you so much! The art is by one of my favourite fairytale artists, Arthur Rackham, and the writing was a pretty even split between me and Pixie1001!

This is a super cute little game/scenario generator! I had a good giggle reading through it, and it would plug in perfectly to any simple generic system, or work well as a jumping off point for a journalling game.
great work, you should be proud!!

I must admit, I’ve never really been tempted to try any single-player RPGs (I never really saw the point haha) but this game is seriously making me reconsider.

I feel like I could make something really wonderful with the inspiring prompts. It of course doesn’t hurt that I LOVE fairy stories! (Check out my silly entry if you don’t believe me haha)

No worries! I look forward to seeing more!

super cute idea! It of course doesn’t hurt that I know a massive architecture nerd…

I also like that it mostly focuses on guidance for the types of stories you could tell rather than getting bogged down by mechanics!

Oh! I'm not very Discord-literate, but I'd love to join! Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

The aesthetic of your layout is perfect! I also love how you managed to create a thematically appropriate resolution system. Oh, and the NPCs got a good chuckle out of me! Overall, it's really amazing how much information and flavour you've managed to pack into two pages.

I just want to take a second to point out how incredible that printed copy looks.

Thanks heaps for the kind feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This illustration is super fun, and exactly the right style for this jam!!

This art is incredible! I really like the character design and the way you've done the linework on him.

All-round an incredibly fun game. It cuts to the heart of what roleplaying games are all about. Over the course of a three-hour session, I got to know four perfect strangers and their characters, and as a group we experienced all the thrilling highs, crushing lows and memorable moments that would normally take an entire campaign to build up.

I really like this game

I absolutely love how whimsical this is! It's a great idea for an illustration, and well-designed as a colouring page! All those details look like they'd be super fun to colour.

Oh yeah, sorry. You might be right.

It took me aages to make (because, like most of my projects, I worked on it on and off), but a LOT of work on it was done in a mad crunch in the few days before I published it. I guess it really depends on what you consider to be a 'majority' (based on the types of work that has gone into it).

Thank you so much! Kind feedback like this really encourages me to keep going with what I do!

I really adore your drawing style! Looking forward to more!

The aesthetic of this game is absolutely top-notch! I must know, is there any lore to go along with it?

Love the new cover!!

This is the cutest piece of magic school themed media I've ever seen!

This is a great, unique little RPG.

I love the aesthetic of post-apocalyptic robots (it reminds me of that episode of Love, Death & Robots, as well as WALL-E, both of which are great haha). There are also some awesome ideas in here, like the random character generator, and the malfunction table- they're perfect for a pick-up-and-play micro-RPG!

I love the aesthetic of post-apocalyptic robots (it reminds me of that episode of Love, Death & Robots, as well as WALL-E, both of which are great haha). You've also put some awesome ideas in there, like the random character generator, and the malfunction table- they're perfect for a pick-up-and-play micro-RPG!

Great work! (Oh and the graphic design is great too haha)

As a child unwillingly trapped in a grown-up's body, I absolutely LOVE the idea of an RPG based around action figures! Props to you for coming up with this!

PS. I really like how- even in such a minimalist system- you've gone to the effort codifying and detailing personality and relationships. That stuff can be hard to come up with, but it's so important to a story!

PPS. I love the mechs haha

Love the concept! The mechanics and aesthetic remind me a lot of... (I'm not sure if this is the right terminology)... lo-fi dungeon-crawl videogames. Grim Quest and- I think- old Roguelikes are examples of what I mean.


I'm not sure if that made any sense, but keep up the good work!

This game deserves way more recognition! It's a unique game with a solid sell- exactly what a micro-RPG should be. I could easily imagine using this to run a campaign that captures pro-wrestling's wacky fun. The system that has been used as a basis is solid and elegant, and it's been expertly twisted to highlight the unique flavour of wrestling.

(Oh, and I love the graphic design too.)

This game deserves way more recognition!! It's the rare one-page RPG I'd actually be excited to play- maybe even long-form. I've recently come to fall in love with wrestling, and I could easily imagine using this to run a campaign that captures pro-wrestling's wacky fun. The system you've used as a basis is really solid and elegant, and at a read it seems like you've done a great job of using it to highlight the unique flavour of wrestling. Great job!

(Oh! And this is probably beside the point, but I love the graphic design too.)

I'll hold my tongue for the moment then haha. I'd really really love to take the game for a test run if I ever manage to find the time. Even if it turns out that the core mechanics are totally unsalvageable (which I doubt but you never know lol), they contain a lot of good ideas that really reinforce the game's tone and that could be individually poached to hack into different systems.

Great work!

I love how simple this is. I also like the graphic design, and how you've woven just a hint of the game's lore through the sheet- That's super cool!

I do have one concern however (without having played it yet)- it seems like the Attack vs Defence maths is off. I assume Attack rolls have to exceed the target's Defence to cause damage, but it seems VERY unlikely for that to actually happen. If I've done my calculations correctly, the average Attack roll is about 7.5. while the average Defence score is 15.

I cannot overstate how much I LOVE this!! Everything, from the mood, to the Appendix N, to (probably) the mechanics (I haven't played it yet) is spot-on. I've actually been trying for quite some time to create an RPG about travellers in a fairy forest using very similar influences.

(You can probably tell from my entry that fairy-related stuff is a bit of a weakness of mine haha. But this is really genuinely very very good.)