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Craft Foods in a Simulated Kitchen
Submitted by Hungry Joe — 11 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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I've always sucked at these kinda games ( I always forget the commands or misspell them haha) but I do like where this game is going. I think putting the recipes and the commands in the game description might help quite a bit so you don't have to keep typing 'help' or scrolling up. Good job with this though, I hope you decide to keep working on it!

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I tried the first two recipes, but I think I messed up the second one. X3 Learning nonstandard IF commands is a bit tricky, and I kept having to re-check the recipes after they scrolled off the screen. But, it's a nice first attempt, especially being made from scratch. It reminds me of Hadean Lands, which is an IF game you might like to check out.

I think I might've missed the horny aspect, so maybe I'll come back and try another recipe later.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I was gonna mention, it says there's an oven in the kitchen, but when I type 'look oven' it says there's no oven there.


The "look oven" thing was a pretty bad oversight. Honestly, I'm happy to hear someone managed to work through just one of the recipes.

(I didn't put all of the recipes into the cookbook, including probably the horniest recipe. This was also probably a mistake)


I applaud writing IF from what I assume was scratch, nice!

Unfortunately I can't simply take saucepan, and take saucepan from cupboard informs me that there is no cupboard on the counter, which has me a bit stuck.


Im kind of aware my choice of command names is pretty cryptic,  there was absolutely 0 playtesting involved. Moving items around the room uses the move command, take is for getting contents out of a container.

In hindsight I regret the decision that you need to move items to the counter to use them anyway, I don't think it adds anything.


Ahh, okay, I'll have to give it another try then.  My brain has been poisoned a lot by the standard mechanics of Inform games  :)


Let me know how you get on; I suspect that there's a lot "non-standard" about my command names :-(

Developer (1 edit)

Also, I'm curious what IF means in this context?


"Interactive Fiction"

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, I was miles out


I feel like choosing Haskell for this was a bold move! (I feel like choosing Haskell for _anything_ is a bold move.) I hope it was an enjoyable one, too! I can see how there could be aught of appeal in working under such strictures. ❤


I'm glad you noticed


i couldent make it work :(


Try typing help in the text box, and pressing enter


I did