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Love this idea!!!!

A topic by jcmonkey created Apr 21, 2016 Views: 529 Replies: 8
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i been a fan of star trek for as long as i can remember. i will totally make something amazing for this. i may actually use this to try out my 3d skills. i havent made a game in 3d yet, so now might be a great time to start practicing. :D

im excited for this jam!!!!


Only a few more sleeps!

Over the last few months I've been going through the Voyager series with my family, we're currently up to season 5. So cheesey, yet so fun!

Well, I'm definitely in.

Classic Sierra-style adventure from me. I tried Unity once and am terrified to ever go there again.

Can't wait to see what other people come up with - I'm hoping we'll see a lot of surprises.

yeah ill be using unity. ill be making mine ether FPS, or isometric style. i got a really good idea for my game. it will be like doom, and minecraft put together. with a splash of star trek. :D

I'm thinking of attempting something like a more modern approach to Begin.


I've decided to make an RTS in game maker. I haven't made an RTS before so looking forward to learning some new things. Made some sprites and basic unit creation and selection stuff so far.

Any other ideas from anyone or progress updates? o.o


im switching from 3d to isometric 2d, me and blender are having a moment right now and i think we need some time apart.