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Made some changes and fixed somethings, hopfully it's a little better now.

I like the look of this game it seems pretty neat.

Made a change so main menu works with a controller, press A to start game, X to view instructions, B to back out and select to end game. Also fixed a bug.

There's a text box at the start of the game that tells you the controls.

I meant to have a fast move option, I've done a quick up date and added it. Thanks for reminding me Sinusoidal.

Finished my game in the last hour of the jam, thought I'd have more time but fixing a major bug took a while.

Originally the game was going to be an rts but it never worked quite right so I decided to make a simple space shooter instead. The game doesn't look great but I'm pretty sure everything at least works.

Normally I have a hard time sticking with a project for more then a week or two so I'm glad I stuck with this one.

I've decided to make an RTS in game maker. I haven't made an RTS before so looking forward to learning some new things. Made some sprites and basic unit creation and selection stuff so far.