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Nick Wheeler

A member registered Oct 14, 2014

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So simple. Loved it.

Also wrote words about it.

I thought I'd struggle to play this...

....Luckily, it was no tribble at all.

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Hi James, 

You'll probably see the email before this reply, but I've just sent over what I've got. 

Have fun and best of luck with your project.

Hi James,

Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you - I don't tend to check here very often. I'd be happy to send over the backgrounds and sprites I've produced, (minus a couple I'm holding back for if I ever finish the episode). My time is extremely limited, so unfortunately I'm not able to offer much beyond that.

To be honest, my plan was always to basically produce the main areas of the ship and just drop them onto the AGS community anyway to see if anyone wanted to mess around with them, so don't feel guilty about asking.

Let me know your email address, either here or give me a prod on Twitter (@nwheeler_cmp) and I'll try and send them over when I have time.

Simple, yet hilarious. A playable one-liner.

Loved it.

I'm using Adventure Game Studio, which in my opinion is unbeatable when it comes to making point and click adventures.

As for everyone else, it's a bit of a mix of Unity & UE4 I believe.

Taking all bets! NOMAD versus Ensign Rickie. Who will win, who will have his atoms scattered across dimensions?

 photo secbattle_zpsdws23pdy.png

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Well we've just passed a week, and I'm doing...well, ok I guess.

I'm currently attempting to recreate the episode 'The Changeling' from TOS as a classic Sierra point and click. Creating an entire (albeit short) point and click adventure in 30 days was always going to be tricky, so I admit I cheated and started a little early. Even so, the likelihood of me finishing in time is still pretty much slim to none.

 photo advent_zps1dglhpeb.png

Pretty much all areas of the ship are done, some to a higher quality than others. At the moment the game is basically one large cutscene, so now I have to start slicing it up a little more and sticking some puzzles in. With time being short, it's never going to be a huge inventory-combining quest, more of a Telltale style 'choose your dialogue-option to affect the story' kind of thing.

At the very least, it's pushing me to work harder on a game than I ever have in the past, so even if I don't manage to finish in time, I'm still hoping to have something to show for my tribbles...I mean troubles.

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What about you? What are you working on? Is it going well, or are you banging your head against a brick wall?

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here, but I like it.

Well, I'm definitely in.

Classic Sierra-style adventure from me. I tried Unity once and am terrified to ever go there again.

Can't wait to see what other people come up with - I'm hoping we'll see a lot of surprises.