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A topic by emmy created May 20, 2021 Views: 232 Replies: 6
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If you find a resource about or connected to Solarpunk, you can link it here!

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I found a slug last month:

practices something called kleptoplasty or karyoklepty, might give someone ideas

You might find the use of the word “klepto” a bit forward, assuming, loaded, biased or western-headed, and you’d be right to have that reaction. When endosymbiosis was introduced as a way to augment the “survival of the fittest” story of evolution, it was brutally attacked by the establishment as, my word, hippy-dippy:

full story:

hope that helps someone!

oh, here’s the video on endosymbiosis the above video mentions:



Wow, thanks for sharing. This is all very interesting!

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"Universitas": This is an excellent book by Dustin Jacobus released last year in Holland with incredible illustrations, it can be read online for free and it's also available in spanish.

Solarpunk post-industrial design and aesthetics: Superb essay by Eric Hunting, illustrated by the same author than before and also available in spanish.


Thank you! Great links


Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing  is my reread-when-I-need-hope book. It takes place in a post-apoc-ish US (2048), in a San Francisco that's reclaiming land and building consensus-based communities while dealing with ongoing climate problems and war factions that made other choices. The movie project seems to have been cancelled, but the concept trailer is still around.


This is a really good essay about apocalypse games that might try to focus on building a better world