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Hey, thank you so much for this! It's even more comfy than yEd; but can I ask you, is it possible in a future version to add nodes connection to the bottom of each node? Ron Gilbert & lots of other indie devs mention how incredibly different is to design the puzzle charts vertically instead of horizontally, and since the "connection points" of each node are only on the left/right side, it really gets uncomfortable to design the chart vertically this way (so I wanted to ask this in case adding a new connection point is something relatively "easy" thing to do). Thanks anyway, loving this!

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"Universitas": This is an excellent book by Dustin Jacobus released last year in Holland with incredible illustrations, it can be read online for free and it's also available in spanish.

Solarpunk post-industrial design and aesthetics: Superb essay by Eric Hunting, illustrated by the same author than before and also available in spanish.