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Thanks! The headers are set in B612 (and B612 mono for tables and such), and body text is in Times New Roman

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Thank you! The tables look good to me, but I’ve added some clarifying text in v1.1 to make it obvious that the formula is CON - Radiation/Poison. So if there is a great difference between the two, you’re fine. But if it’s low or less than 0, then its deadly.

very fun concept and physics. reminds me of the tabletop spacetruckers

o no! looks like it went down. I’ll change the link to the twitter version

You are correct! It’s the Kelvin temp of the location. It was meant more as flavour text. There are some mechanical consequences if you mess with it for the monsters, but can be easily ignored.

cool stuff! the cryptid photos totally do it for me

0e for now! I’ll clarify it the description soon

Check out three of my Quick Nettles set in space!

Oops… maybe uploading this on the 1st of Jan was not the best idea :P. I’ve uploaded the files now tho, thanks for poking me about it!

Thanks you! I really appreciate it <3

Merci :)

thank you!

They will hopefully be in stock soon at TKG! (i can imagine they are busy right now with the kickstarter and all)

10/10 would step into that lyft again

Not gone! Still WIP. It’s been in the works for a while but I haven’t had the moment (between my higher ed studies) to finish it. Sorry!

They are so good :P

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Feel free to grab any of my tabletop games for adaptation! If there are no community copies left, dont hesitate to reach out


Nostos - an ancient greek journey of return

Ascii delve - a solo roguelike

Underground - post apocalyptic factions

Dead towers - play as the architects of death

thank you! Lynch’s work is always a great inspiration of mine :)

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heyo! thanks for playing the game. i’ll try to answer your questions as best i can:

1: yes, that would mean that each enemy hits you

2: dmg would be the damage they deal to you! hits are how many hits it takes to defeat the enemy

3: with a shield you can remove one of the d4s, negating the damage from one of the enemies

4-5: some mutation have a number in brackets (like: lasers (4)). this is the amount of stamina you have to spend to use this mutation once. if a mutation doesnt have any number next to it, it is applied either always or based on its requirements (which can be once per day or in a certain situation)

6-7: with the dagger you can reroll the attack d4s if you roll a 1, giving you a higher chance to hit the enemies

8: no attack roll after the initial d4 is necessary! each round should be: roll d4s -> see if you hit or if enemies hit -> apply damage to yourself, or reduce hits of the enemies

feel free to ask follow ups! i’m always looking for ways to clarify the rules in future revisions <3

thank you so much!

I love the dreamy/starry illustrations and design! This module reminds me of old soviet/eastern european sci-fi movies. Great vibes

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getting that little heart from the wolf was awesome <3

Thank you so much!

slick design and awesome theme!

Very interesting topic! In my game, I try to imagine a near future where we face the same problems as nowadays, but the hope comes from actually having tools and powers to fight for a better world.

I keep coming back to this game again and again. so simple and elegant, yet so good at telling stories of exploration, discovery and survival. the DIY sheet is so straightforward that i can draw it during class in my notebook, and play a couple of games while im bored.

all in all, a must play solo rpg.

haven’t heard about this before! thanks for bringing it up. the articles linked are really good resource and I will definitely watch out for it in my future works!

Here is where you can make up your own imaginary consoles!

This is where you can send in your archived game!

Post your thoughts and reviews here!

Post your questions about the game here!

Had the honour to play an early version of this game! (notes are on my blog) I like how it drops you into a setting that is both infinitely open and intimately precise. If you are a solo rpg or a journaling fan you should 100% take a look.

very fun racing game! love the music too <3

good as hek

Had a really fun time playing this! The game gave us just the right tools to create an expansive world + a variety of characters that I fell in love with by the end of the session.

yes! board games for sure count as analog stuff

I think a music submission would be awesome! You are totally welcome to make something for the jam

Thank you! Great links

For example my nature photography