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Open to music submissions?

A topic by Magelight created May 28, 2021 Views: 133 Replies: 3
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Hi, I have been collaborating with another artist to compose dungeon synth and other fantasy music in direct connection with the tabletop communities we enjoy, most recently doing an EP for the Troika jam. Just curious to know if music for roleplaying would be considered acceptable as a submission to this jam; we'd both love to do some brighter works influenced by science-fantasy worlds and solarpunk definitely fits that mood for us. Thanks for your time!


I think a music submission would be awesome! You are totally welcome to make something for the jam


Thanks! Figured it was in the spirit of solarpunk experimentation, but didn't want to clog up the jam if not. Looking forward to seeing all the results; I bet a lot will slot well into my Troika game.


Looking forward to hearing it!