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I watched it quite a few times during these holidays. I'm still working on polishing my burrows to publish them :)

What an amazing fever dream! I love it!! It has inspired weird things in my brain <3

I know right? It's a must!

Hello there! I homebrewed a few locations and situations. Also some weird npc and lots of Mockeries (Muppets)! I have to scan the original, which is barely readable and do a clean txt thing. 

Thank you so much for giving it a look! And yes, I am planning on completing it with drawings and music and all sorts of things. Probably going to pair it with another project I want to work on. 

Totally! My brain went nuts haha. I really wanted to make something more fleshed out, but too much work during these past 2 weeks held me back. 

It is done. I can rest lol. This was truly a special experience. I hope to keep developing the zine in the future. 

Looking forward to hearing it! 

I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm very new to itch. Going to follow as much people here as possible to make some cool things for the community. Looking forward to having something to share. 

Dang missed the project window. I'll post the link here whenever I get the project up. 

Thank you! Guess I should then 😊🤘

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It isn't an itch project per se, so decided to post the link Here. Created this for a one shot I ran using the free version. Feedback welcome. 

Edit: link now redirects to project page. Was way too busy and missed the deadline.