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Use sustainable technologies and energy production to make Earth a greener place to live in.

be PUNK.

Imagine a world that challenges the systems we live in. Strive for this better future.

Here are some resources on solarpunk:

Some things to keep in mind:

  • this is a jam for analog stuff! that means essays, tabletop games, setting lore etc. please don't submit video games.
  • this jam is unranked so feel free to experiment! interpret solarpunk in your own way.
  • you may submit a WIP entry to the jam, then finish it at your own pace after the jam ends!
  • charge for your work if you feel like it! consider providing community copies if you do
  • join in the community tab to chat and ask questions!
  • past work and submissions to other jams are allowed.
  • if you submit something, share it with me on twitter @mayvisit with the #SolarpunkJam hashtag.
  • don't be a bigot or a fascist. i reserve the right to remove any hateful content from the jam page.


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A crafting game in a hopeful world among the ruins of an ancient civilization
A Field Guide to Mfecane is the full release of the homebrew supplement for the Lancer RPG.
a game about post-post-apocalyptic kinda-solarpunk musicians travelling the once-wastelands
A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings About Community and Caring
A weird sci-fi setting of a utopian socialist forested moon of "elves" and telepathic trees
A Solarpunk game of Mutual Aid, Science and Adaption
A one person RPG about garden magic
solarpunk 24xx/BitD sci-fantasy w/ procedural starter dungeon
Survive climate disaster, fight corps
Un cadre de jeu de découverte pour Bois Dormant - vivre avec les ronces
The social ecological storytelling game where you and your friends build a better world.
A solarpunk game about caring for others and those around you
a game of ecological horror with the backdrop of a solarpunk utopia. The world ain't saved yet.
A sustainable world building game
A Solarpunk Poetry Game
A one-page narrative TTRPG about repairing green energy harvestors.
A cooperative card exploring game about astronauts trying to save the human race
Reverse global warming while stopping starvation and civil war
Card Game
Play in browser
Discography & musical comissions available!
A Post Climate Apocalypse Tabletop Roleplaying Game
a SOLARDREAM of utopian combat
An RPG about communication and building community resilience in the face of existential threats.
Role Playing guide game to learn about technology limits over plant caring in Mars colonies
A Solarpunk module for Cool, Chrome + Cybernetics
A Belonging Outside Belonging game in a Solarpunk future.
A post-Collapse solarpunk setting for Fate Accelerated Edition
A solarpunk design game
Warm ambient sound collage, the voices of the past meet the technology of the future.
a pastoral, nonviolent game about repairing stuff at a café
A Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Solarpunk RPG
A journaling game about Making impossible futures possible
A game of storytelling, one-upping, and happy endings.