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This is delightful. I got this through a bundle, and it took me a long time to really look at it, because "western" is not one of my normal genres. But it works so well! 

It's short, but it packs a lot into a few pages. And it would be a delightful supplement to a standard western-setting TTRPG, something for players to do in between game sessions. 

I like flexible game materials, and this one works great as a standalone, would be easy to fold into a normal group game, and would also work as the core setting for another game - either with a single Gentleman Bandit character, or a group of them. (Potentially, leaving messages to each other through poetry that they know will be published in a newspaper.)

For newer players: If you don't have much practice with poetry, I recommend skipping the "Mode" option where you randomly select a poetic device in advance. It's hard enough to write a line about "Freedom, addressing the question What is your darkest truth?" without also trying to either make it rhyme with what you already have or making sure it connects properly to the lines you haven't written yet.

This is charming but hard to read in spots, so I typed it up.  I have a Word doc & PDF (but that's a draft, because some of the words are replaced with question marks where I couldn't read the original) - let me know if you'd like them and I'll hand them over.  The easiest way to contact me is Elf#5779 on Discord.

Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing  is my reread-when-I-need-hope book. It takes place in a post-apoc-ish US (2048), in a San Francisco that's reclaiming land and building consensus-based communities while dealing with ongoing climate problems and war factions that made other choices. The movie project seems to have been cancelled, but the concept trailer is still around.